What is Google Webmaster Tools?

The Google webmaster tool is used to check the error on the website while crawling. When the website is under construction or developing has a lot of changes and that changes are noticed by the webmaster account. 
You can check that notification and take action to fix or correct them. If you have no error and issue then it is signal that your website is clean and ready to run in the Google search engine.

What is SEO Score?

The score that determines the value of your work correctness is known as SEO score. I have analyzed my own blog in the lighthouse extension. You can see the result.

The SEO score is 92. You can see before the progressive web app.

What is Website Optimization?

Optimizing the website with content optimization is website optimization. Content optimization is done by applying SEO rules on the web page.

A collection of a well-optimized web page becomes a good optimized website.

What is Youtube SEO?

For Youtube SEO you can download a chrome extension from This extension will guide you about the keywords. Also, you can see another channel's target keywords. The best way is not keyword optimization. It depends on the video quality.
People can report about if the video is violating.
A viewer can also dislike the channel if you producing poor content. 

This suggestion helps to do ranking on Youtube.

What is Cloaking in SEO?

Cloaking is that when you show different pages to search engines and users. For example,you showcartoons to search engines but users see the porn page. it is a bad experience. Never try to do such kind of act.

What is SEO Business?

Doing business with content means online posts known as SEO business. In other words, we can say that the article on the web pages that are monetized by Google Adsense, Bing Ads, or Yahoo Ads earn the money from the online advertisements. 
So this is how SEO business works. This is a competitive market. Everyone does the his effort.

What is an SEO Specialist?

The guy who does the SEO work known as an SEO specialist. Moreover, SEO specialist runs their own blog and website and earn money from them. You can also one of them after learning this.

It depends upon your knowledge and practice of how much you can earn. Never demotivate yourself.
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