What IS SEO: Optimizing The Content For Search Engine

To optimize the content for search engines via SEO(Search engine optimization), we need to understand what is optimization?

For this we have Example:  You want to buy biscuits that are sugar-free and full filled with nutrition value. In the market we have biscuits that are not sugar-free so to identify this we will look at the package description. If the sugar-free description is mentioned then we will buy that.

So what if the description is not mentioned even it is sugar-free. We will not buy, so the product is not optimized.

Similarly, in the search engine, we need to provide a description of our web pages that should be relevant. Optimizing the content for the search engine is the search engine optimization.

SEO specialist does this work. This is done through the spider program. Spider visits the websites and read the pages and then creates the order for the search index.

Various other factors are included how a particular web page comes in the Google search result. Firstly we will…

SEO And Digital Marketing

Doing a comparison of SEO and digital marketing is a beginner question or might be confusion. But actually, SEO is the single part but digital marketing includes graphic design, logo design, website development, social media optimization, and display advertisement.
A graphic designer makes a banner design that can be used for ads as well. So the graphic designer has a lot of means in this field. Even web developer needs web design from him.

Logo design is also the designing part but with a more professional way to make a brand identity. Many online logo maker companies provide the services but the companies that give you a personal experience and deals with suggestions are good for you.

Next is website development. It is done with programming and it is difficult from other jobs. The developer takes a lot of time to create logic and a new way to do the thing that will you see uniquely. So this is the reason the developer's salary is high compared to other jobs in information techn…

SEO Marketing And Social Media

Marketing on the internet is a major part of the business. With SEO marketing and social media, both can make good results for your business. Most of the traffic nowadays is on social networks. So why not track them there. How to push my SEO marketing through social media?Create a social media page. 
Fill all required information by networking website.
Start with the registered brand.
Offer quality service.
Do engagement with regular posts but not do in a single day. Keep difference in posts.
Make informative posts.
Offer some discount within the time difference or on special days.
Add video content.
Do some live events like seminars and share them on the social media page.
Respond to the audience's comment.
Make some questions and ask for feedback.Which social network is good for marketing and SEO?

Social networking quality websites.
Instagram for images and videos.
Facebook for all things.
Twitter is for professionals Read my other posts to get more knowledge on SEO and be updated with SEO…

HTML And PDF Version With Same Content

I have talked about mobile and desktop versions in the canonical tag post. But what to do when you have HTML and PDF version on your website and you want to target audience on the web page rather than downloading the PDF file.
You need the x-robots tag to apply the rel canonical.

HTML and PDF version selection.
How you can use this tag I have described in my post about mobile SEO. Above I have given a link. you can also find information related to this.
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SEO True False Statements

True and False SEO statements that might you don't know from a technical SEO point of view. I am going to talk about four SEO statements that will guide you to do the right optimization.

SEO true and false statements.
False:You need to have all sub-pages of a category being indexed.
True: Pagination is required for good SEO performance.
True:rel=next and rel=prev attributes tell the chain of your pages. Google knows via this which page comes next and before.
Ture: Must implement pagination on e-commerce and editorial websites.
Moreover, read SEO questions post for confusion clearance. 
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Dynamic Pages - Why Not Indexable?

User experience is important in SEO. So dynamic pages are not indexed by search engines due to bad experience for the searcher. UX has an impact on the Google brand reputation. So Google does not fetch the URL that are automatically generated. 
Because Google doesn't trust on dynamic web page's content. In other words, Google hates dynamic results.

Don't think dynamic pages are fresh and they are good for Google. Because Google like freshness.
So focus on static pages that have value and linked with dynamic where it is useful for the searcher. 
Note: Dynamic pages do not pass any link juice value to other pages.
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