Digital Marketing SEO - What it includes?

In the digital world, SEO is the most effective way to get organic traffic. Digital marketing SEO is part of online organic marketing. What it includes, I am going to explain.
First of all, understand what is SEO? Content optimization You write a web page to target organic traffic. The content-based web page needs optimization. A healthy content is that it has unique information from other websites. What more it requires? You need to cover all possible information related to the title. 
Do topic research before writing content.
Content layout based on the storytelling way like step by step. Your web page needs some SEO tags to make your article understandable for the search engine. Example: H1 Tag that represents your title to the crawler.
The crawler is the spider that visits on the website and understands the web page for what it is about. You need to write your content according to SEO content template. Email marketing handling When you come to the online audience you get the Email about t…

Copyright Removal Request - Stop Copy Paste Activity With This

If you found your copyright content on other locations on the web then you can submit a copyright removal request to Google via Google search console. You can create your new notice to Google. You can upload your information about yourself, copyright work. You can also mention the location where you found copyright misuse.
You are advised to add only one URL per notice so that Google can verify easily your complaint. If you add multiple URLs then you will not get as you are expecting from Google. Because you can not add all web page copyright data into a single text box. You will realize when you submit the notice.
Note:if you are not sure whether material available online infringes your copyright, we suggest that you first contact a lawyer.

What is Cloaking in SEO?

Cloaking is that when you show different pages to search engines and users. For example,you showcartoons to search engines but users see the porn page. it is a bad experience. Never try to do such kind of act.
Matt Cutts said “White hat cloaking is a contradiction in terms of Google. We’ve never had to make an exception for “white hat” cloaking. If someone tells you that — that’s dangerous.” 
Text to image redirect Suppose you have the image-based blog or website then you will target the audience with text to image. It is not cloaking because it is showing you relevant image but if text and image do not match then it is cloaking due to different content. Spam E-mail with cloakingThis is normal you get spam in your email. Have you noticed you are redirected to another page that is in your email? 
For example, You have a different image than the content you reached. This is cloaking. Sometimes people who have less knowledge of computer spam become foolish. 
To save yourself, always add email…

What is Google Search Console?

Google search console is the tool to find the error on the website. I have an example of Url status in the webmaster account. How they look like after crawling. But the result depends upon a unique project. Each project has different output but some cases can be the same.  Url Status
Url Status. How URLs are going to monitor in search console. Each status has its own meaning.
The Google webmaster tool is used to check the error on the website while crawling. When the website is under construction or developing has a lot of changes and that changes are noticed by the webmaster account. 
You can check that notification and take action to fix or correct them. If you have no error and issue then it is signal that your website is clean and ready to run in the Google search engine.
It is a free tool provided by Google. Google Search Console Steps1. Overview - See clicks and coverage overview.
2. Performance - See clicks, impressions, average CTR, and average position.
3. URL inspection - Inspect…

SEO Title - How To Describe

SEO Title is based on post type. It depends upon the post content. Title length should be short and descriptive so that it can be catch up in the Google snippet.

Next, how you can describe it?

Cover the main title and then related information but never go far from the title so that your user does not get any type of confusion.

For example

Main Title


Main Heading and information


Sub Heading and information


Supportive information

last conclusion where it is needed. How to make the title? Making a title is not easy without practice. You have to use suitable words that can describe your article. It should impressive also that it is good for you and your targeted audience.  With impressive and descriptive titles your audience can better understand the snippet of your article.
When you search in Google you see 10 snippets per page by default. If you are a beginner blogger then you might not know the value of snippet that contains Title, URL, and Description. From an SEO point of vie…

ccTLDs Domains - Difference With TLD

ccTLDs domains need to be registered within the local market which can make it expensive. They may be unavailable in different regions. For example .in and .ca is the ccTLD domains.

This is known as the country-code top-level domain. You can take TLD(top-level domain) and then can use the hreflang tag to tell a country-specific web page.


<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-us" />

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How To Do Maintenance On Website

To do maintenance on website you can use 503 code and use retry after in header. But reading question in another way, you need SEO optimization and lightweight coding on your website so that you will not get any kind of speed issue.
Note: Retry after in header is used for date mentioning, when your server will be available. 
Moreover, the server is important for your website. So get the right server that has good bandwidth. If you are planning to do something big do on a dedicated server or you can use Google cloud service. Also, Google's brand trust never puts your confidence down while you developing your project.
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