Black Hat SEO - The Negative Task

You can optimize your content for Search Engines by using two techniques White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. Both have a different strategy of work. But when you want to build your brand I always suggest you, use White hat SEO.

Why I am saying this. To get the answer read this all post. In the end, you will be clear about this.

Now, first of all, I am explaining.

Black Hat SEO

This is the way to trick the search engine But it works for a short time and most of the time don't work. So you need to learn which are the steps that come under this category. Read below black hat SEO practice:
  • Keyword stuffing: When you try to tell Google that you have a certain keyword and you have some other popular keyword but your actual content has not good meaning to it's an audience. You are just implementing a web page for the search engine. Google is very smart and has lots of algorithms and notice user behavior too and very fast detect the keyword stuffing. 

  • Hidden text or links: Some of the people put text on content and then hide them that are actually not visible to the reader but accessible to Googlebot. If you do this then you are crossing the line of Google guidelines. Google counts this for rank factors.

  • Fake clicks: Search Engine notice how much your site is getting popular and it provides more traffic if it is doing well. So fake clicks work but difficult to do and have no benefit for the long term because Google knows it. This is a negative SEO method that pushes you on the bottom line.

  • Social media network spamming: This is similar to the above point. Targeting the traffic in a wrong way to your site. Suppose you are getting traffic from the page which is actually not relevant to your site post. This is not the natural practice and you will not get the longer result through it. It just works on beginning then goes dead. 

  • Link exchange: This comes under black hat SEO techniques. On the internet world when you get some reputation and after that, if you refer someone then Google gives some boost to your reference. If you do this by getting some money from any other person then this comes under link exchange. 

  • Paid links: Some of the companies provides "do follow links" to your site and to do this they get money from you. This is not actually you are getting through your content but it is the reference that doesn't play most for you. In other words, this kind of black hat SEO tactics doesn’t work.

White Hat SEO

This is the right way to do SEO. You put your effort and it gives you the result. Your brand has Goodwill in the market then I suggest you, read and follow that I have written below.
  • Use Google optimization rules: Google suggests to use Meta description effectively. What it Means? I am explaining, don't put so many keywords in Meta Title and Description. Think of the user, if he is looking for Biscuit and you are giving the result with the cake that is different. So do relevant to the query. Google is smart and knows how the better result can present to the user. 

  • Strongly follow Google guidelines: Google Guidelines help you to get more from Google means More traffic and better rank. By following the webmaster guidelines you control better your site. Google content guidelines and Google quality guidelines complement your site. So be sure to read all don't do techniques and implement them on your site. 

  • Optimize for the reader not only search engine: If you think you have done optimization for Search Engine then you still not getting traffic. Why this is happening? It is because your content is not giving value to your user and actually they are living your site after visiting means immediately pressing back button because of poor content. Google notices this kind of activity.  

  • Quality content: As I mentioned in the above step your quality content boosts your ranking. Content is the king. So every time when you write any post thing about the reader and then include all answers that will help to user's question. Your result page helps your search engine rankings. I hope you got it.

  • Keyword research: If you have a target keyword and only a few people or no one searching about this then you can not perform well. be sure to check how users are searching. Google keyword planner help you with this. You can also use "Ubersuggest" and "Keyword everywhere" for this.

  • Meta description: Good meta description encourage users to click more frequently. So be concentrate on it. Never forget to avoid keyword stuffing strategy. 

  • Internal links: Internal links boost your site value by showing how valuable content you have and you are not limited to query. You have much more related to the user's search query. You always avoid cross-linking when doing this. 

  • Relevant backlinks: Your irrelevant links can harm your site rank. So to avoid this you need to add some related links which enhance the knowledge of the reader. If you are getting links to your site which are not relevant to your site and looks like spam then remove it through webmaster tool.

  • Anchor text: When you are writing content, with it you can improve search rankings. Search engine optimization suggests us to use it. It helps to avoid duplicate content on another page.

Avoid SEO Mistakes

1. Doorway pages: Never create this kind of multiple pages that are created to point a specific URL. This is a bad user experience in SEO. Sometimes when you create intermediate pages those are not useful as the final destination also comes under this category.
Here are some examples of doorways:
  • Having multiple domain names or pages targeted at specific regions or cities that funnel users to one page.
  • Pages generated to funnel visitors into the actual usable or relevant portion of your site(s).
  • Substantially similar pages that are closer to search results than a clearly defined, browseable hierarchy.
Above Quote is taken from Google

2. Sneaky redirect: Suppose you have cake.html but when the user clicks on it then he is redirecting to another URL like car.html, which is not relevant to the user. So you always have to avoid such redirect. If you are moving your site to a new address then you can apply 301 permanent redirects.

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