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Talking about the High-Quality Website is a good topic to discuss when you are doing SEO. In search engine optimization you have to care about the quality of any site on which you are working. There are many points you need to verify when you submit the site to Google.

In this post, I will tell you about them. And also provide the link you might need in this post which is relevant to this.

According to Google, your website should be unique in your niche and moreover, you should have good command on the topic that you choose for the website. I recommend you always write high-quality content that has the capability to satisfy the audience. 

If you are a developer then think about site speed also. Because Google is doing the mobile-first indexing. So it means you should create a mobile-friendly site and which should be responsive on all devices.  

Your CSS includes the only part that is required. Remove any unnecessary code if you have. You can deffer unused CSS also if you are thinking about detecting critical CSS then you are right.

How you can use critical CSS to improve the speed? You have to put all priority CSS in it. Because when you load your page, you have not to wait too much. It will boost your website speed.

Ok, The next thing you have to care about is the format you can use for images. You can use JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP format. These formats give you better compression as a comparison to PNG and JPG.

Next, you have to take care of Google algorithms. Make sure your website follows Google guidelines.

Now I am going to discuss some points about how Google determines website quality.

Website Quality Checklist

  • Can you trust your own article?

  • Are you an expert or have a good command of knowledge? Because the reader will gonna trust you.

  • If your site has the duplicate content article with different kinds of keywords then remove the duplicate post.

  • Can your audience share their credit card information? Fix security-related issues if your website has.

  • Your spelling mistakes show you are not good at vocabulary and grammar. Make sure your content has good English.

  • Think is your content according to your audience's interest.

  • Does the article provide original content or information, original reporting, original research, or original analysis?

  • Is your page has quality as compared to other search results?

  • How much quality is cover in your content and it is elaborating both sides of content?

  • Is your site has recognized information?

  • Would you expect to see this article in a printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?

  • Are users of your site reporting your content negatively. 

  • Is your content shared by your audience or they bookmark it.

  • How good is your internal linking?

  • Is your site has case studies.
Above we have some examples that ensure the quality but it depends on how you target the features for your's website.

More guidance on building high-quality sites

Neil Patel and Brian Dean have good knowledge of SEO. You can follow them.

Note: Content text, their layout, and video addition with content but relative only can boost your click-through rate.


In Conclusion, I will say do your best research on the topic and then write it. Always think about the audience, not for search engine. You should care about website security. Your user's data should not be the leak to someone else. Never forget to follow Google Quality Guidelines. Boost your user experience. A good website always has a good quality structure. Where the user easily finds the information. The above points will provide you long term success. Moreover, empower with social media will show you their power.

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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