Learn SEO From The Base To Advance Technical

How to learn SEO. The very first step is to understand what is SEO. Talking about Search Engine optimization Google. Find your website topic. Remember you should passionate about that topic. Choose the name for your website.

The second step is to do keyword research about your website topic and get an idea about web pages that you want to include in your site. Avoid keyword stuffing in the content. This will surely harmful to you. 

Now Google is very smart never try to trick Google and never build content only for the search engine. Always think about the reader before writing any topic.

Make quality blog posts with quality links. What is this?

Create good content that meets the expectation of your audience and provide some quality links that will help your audience. By doing this you are on way suggested by white hat SEO.

The above method will enhance the performance of pages on your website.

You get search traffic through search queries entered by the user in the search engine. So write a good and relevant title and meta description. Put your list of keywords that you have researched. Don't put so many keywords in description and title. Just think about what is the better title and description that describes your content.

For internal linking always prefer to use clustered linking rather than cross-linking. Clustered linking is the way to link your topics related to another one that is the subtopic of your main article The above information is about beginner's guide to SEO.

Don't forget to use the alt tag. It is very important for your images.

Alt Tag Syntax Example

<img src="smiley.gif" alt="Smiley face">

Don't forget to use Google Analytics. It will tell you about how the user is visiting on your website.

The SEO industry is part of Digital marketing. For my SEO tips use SEO tools that will help you to get closer to your target. Use Ubersuggest, Keyword Everywhere, Google Keyword Planner to know about your keyword.

By learning the above suggestions you will get the idea of how SEO works.

How Google search works?

You have to understand the Google algorithm. You have to follow the Google algorithm rules and never cross the Google quality guidelines.

Do your high-quality work. Be aware of the marketing strategy. What is in it?

Ok, I am telling.

If someone has knowledge about your topic and you are not good with your content then the visitor will leave your site because you are not giving something that he is looking for.

What is Googlebot or Spider?

It is the software that visits on the search index and sees the relevant data to query entered by the user. Googlebot is the crawler that does this process. Now the question is what is crawling. 

We have a Quote from Google. See below
Crawling is the process of finding new or updated pages to add to Google (Google crawled my website). One of the Google crawling engines crawls (requests) the page. The terms "crawl" and "index" are often used interchangeably, although they are different (but closely related) actions. 
How Spider works?

The above video is the copyright of Google. But it is public on Youtube and Share option is available. So if you find any video on youtube you can share. You must acknowledge from Google's official member.

Note: If Google is educating in any video that is free and public then you can only post like me otherwise you can only link to that URL.

When you do everything positive then don't forget to learn about Technical SEO.

What are Search results?
Organic search results are responsible for your growth in SEO. Your positive SEO strategy is the step by step link building process that will improve your business via content marketing. I think you have no idea about it. Don’t forget to use the power of social media. The SEO expert guy can help you in SEO and digital marketing specialist can help you in social media engagement.

Types of SEO

  • Be aware of Google algorithms.

  • Use Google SEO optimization rules.

  • Never cross the boundary of Google guidelines.

  • Always make content for users not only for the search engine. Because content is the king.
  • Keyword stuffing.

  • Hidden text articles.

  • Fake clicks.

  • Social media network spamming.

  • Link exchange.

  • Paid links.
Moreover, read what is SEO.

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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