Link Building - The Strong SEO Task

Link building: Is it still important. How "link authority" related to it. Sounds good for beginner and who have little knowledge about it. I am going to explain this.

Ok, first I will talk about the first point in the title.

How it works?

On the internet when you build content for search engines and users as well. You need to do what is SEO and the above title comes under OFF Page SEO. Yeah, it is still important but you have to make sure that your links come from the trusted sites.

What are the trusted sites? Those have some reputation in search results and make high-quality content for their audience. You can link to authority sites and if they found you are doing the good work and your content is giving the valuable knowledge then they will link to you. That kind of link is so important and known as earning links that have much value in Google's eye. Google search spider notices this.

Next, Now you got the importance and you know how you have to work but I am warning you never use paid links and don’t participate in partnership with the bad quality sites.

If the fishing site is pointing to you then you see that you some bad quality link. The first question came to mind how to remove them. No worry, I am telling you the way that you can do regarding solving this problem. Google has its own tool known as disavow links. You can use this to remove bad links.

Ok, I am talking about how it works. When Google sees that some good sites linking to you then it creates your reputation value and you get the boost in your search rankings. You can also use a guest post to make links. This is a good way to create a reputation by writing an article on some good websites.

If your page gets more links from different websites then your Page authority will boost up. This is my personal learning research case study that I am sharing with you.

Above I have talked about the link building strategy that you need to follow. By using this you will get links to your website. Moreover, I suggest you write the best quality blog posts to make your brand in your audience. Always do Black hat SEO for long term success.

Some people talk about link building campaigns but If you are following the method that I told you then forget about it you don’t need this. Site ranking will automatically boost but it takes time. It needs your patience.

Apart from its internal links are also important that gives value to the user and suggest the relevant topic that he needs to read also to get the exact clearance about the question. Your good work will improve your domain authority.

What are Link authority and trust?

In the late ’90s, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on their own search engine and at that time they are the first use to links as a signal of authority and trust. This information tells you how you have to work on your own project. They both Gentleman created such a good informative search engine that is helping people all around the world.

Now you have an understanding of the link trust. How it is related to the keyword in the title. You are making links that Google cannot take as link trust then you are in the wrong way. So I am repeating again never to trust the low-quality article. To know about it you should have much better knowledge about the content topic.


I can say that for ranking factors you need to create links. You can use the Ahrefs tool to grow your search traffic. This will tell you the sites related to your category and you can link to them.

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Popular posts from this blog

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