SEMrush Company and Tool Information

The SEMrush company launched in 2008. It provides the best SEO tool with its own site audit tool and you can learn it through their blog. This was founded by two Gentleman Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov.

The company has 10 years of experience and more than 500 employees are working in four countries USA, Russia, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Cyprus.

SEMrush Tool

You can use this tool to grow your online presence. It will tell you about broken links. Is your site crawlable, it gives you the percentage about it. You can check HTTPS error, site performance, and international SEO if it is implemented on your site. You can also check backlinks through a backlink checker.


The Founder Of SEMrush left side Oleg Shchegolev and right side Dmitry Melnikov

It provides you 7-day free trial. Price starts from $99 per month. For the beginner, it is good to start. It also provides teaching about how you can use this tool. You can learn through SEMrush academy. You can improve yourself by learning this.

Note: I am not promoting SEMrush. I found this is a good company. If you know someone is better in his field then you spread the knowledge about them. It will help others too. I am guiding about SEO. So this is my duty to provide better information.

Ok, let’s talk about organic keywords. You will notify with this tool how many keywords you have lost in the search result. You can enhance page SEO when you know where you are lacking. In the digital marketing industry, it is a very good SEO tool that improves your organic traffic in search engines.

Internet marketer like Neil Patel suggests this tool for when you start your project and want to check for SEO error.

This tool also gives you an idea about internal link building.

You know how search works. It does the phrase match, in other words, I can say that a specific keyword entered by the user in the Google search engine is found by Googlebot and then it shows you the best possible results.

Myth About SEMrush Tool

SEMrush audit tool myth
SEMrush audit tool myth. See in the image.

Truth: You can not download it to your computer. 

Truth: It is an online tool with a subscription. 

Truth: You can audit both the mobile and desktop versions.

SEMrush Helping Tool

Content writing assistant

SEMrush helping tool is good to use while writing an article. But make sure for every keyword suggests by it. And see where you can use or which can not you use.

Backlink Option

Backlink option in SEMrush tool

Backlink option in the SEMrush tool. You can get this under the Dashboard tab.

My own blog dashboard.

Semrush dashboard for

SEMrush dashboard for while under construction. You will get the idea to increase the on-page SEO quality under the SEO checker option. Backlinks are important. So you can build under the link building section.

SEMrush blog

You can learn many important things you might not aware of and learn the blog posts style which will help you to target the top keywords in search engine result pages. Keyword ranking is based upon how good is your content. Users love to read an article from this blog.

You can use Google Adwords to find the search term keywords. Keyword Everywhere also complements SEO.

I suggest you to never forget to use social media for engagement with the audience.


In conclusion, I suggest you use this tool for better SEO results.

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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