Become Successful SEO Specialist

How to become a successful SEO specialist I am going to explain. Search Engine Optimization is an intelligent way to grow your online presence in Digital marketing. You get the organic traffic to your business site which will increase your Goodwill according to your service quality that has much impact to promote your business.

If you are not sure about SEO then read What is SEO.

Ok if you already have knowledge about this field. Read further.

SEO in business website

As I above said, once you have done SEO it creates the organic traffic for you which will make some sense and save your money. Moreover, an optimized page performs better via advertising.

Why I am saying this?

I am explaining - A well-written content definitely grabs the attention of the customer and you get more leads which give a positive result in more conversion.

Steps for SEO you need to follow

  • Avoid irrelevant keywords: Never use keywords that are not related to your article. Be far from keyword stuffing.

  • Avoid poor quality content: Do your best at writing. Your content should be valuable for the audience.

  • Avoid Duplicate content from others: Do unique work and don't become a copycat person. Respect the other publisher's work.

  • Avoid article mixing: Spent time on a new creation rather than wasting time on the wrong strategy. Unique work is much better than mixing on someone's article.
Ok, so make sure to avoid above all mistakes.

What else more you need to do for SEO?

I am explaining - always do some research before writing content which will give you some broad view. Pick some valuable keywords that will help your readers. Do keyword research on Google and use keyword finder tools to enhance the value of content.

Ok, now I am talking about Long-tail keywords and Short-Term keywords

For example, we have the statement "What is the robots.txt file".

This is the long-tail keyword

Now we have another keyword - "robots.txt"

This is only one word and not as the long-tail keyword. I hope you got it.

SEO mistakes and important things to remember

  • Make sure your web pages should not have broken links.

  • Don’t use a marketing campaign with poor quality content.

  • To be ranked higher provide good services. With it, your customer will search and come to you again to get your service.

  • Always use a white hat SEO strategy to meet Google's ranking factor.

  • Don’t forget to enhance the user experience with the SEO campaign.

  • Never leave content audit and make sure your customer has valuable content from you. It will increase your conversion rate.

  • Don’t leave the white hat link building.

  • Write high-quality content because you will get the number of links to your content from other trusted sites.

  • Always use Google analytics to notice your daily or weekly bounce rate and check how much traffic you got from social media.

  • Check your domain authority to verify your secure server certificate.

Make sure your SEO with Google algorithms

You should always up to date with current Google algorithms. Read some Google updates.
  • Panda: Aim of this update is to lower the rank of low “quality sites” or “thin sites” in particular “content forums” and return high-quality sites. 2011

  • Penguin: Aim to better catch spam in the search result, particularly those doing so by buying links and through link networks to boost Google ranking. 2012

  • Hummingbird: Aim to improve the delivery of results by showing the appropriate page rather than just a website. It changed SEO with web developers and writers and encouraged them to use natural languages rather than using forced keywords. 2013

  • Pigeon: It was about Google’s local search algorithm update and aimed to increase the ranking of local listing in search. 2014

  • Rankbrain: It is an algorithm learning artificial intelligence system. It helps to process and provide a more relevant search result. It was used for less than 15% of queries. 2015

  • Hazards: This update ensured that you get the best possible nearest result based on the searcher’s location. You will get according to the location identifier in which the search result is more near to you. 2016

  • Fred: Fred targets websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. The majority of affected sites are those created mostly for the purpose of generating ad revenue only. 2017.
How Google is actually using the search with meaning. I am sharing a link.

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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