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Some people say It is not difficult. Make Money Blogging is not as simple as you think. But with your passion for learning and your experience can help readers then definitely can sense in it.

Let’s start how you came to know about this.
  • Your friend is doing this

  • From the internet.

  • You are studying marketing

  • Your teacher suggested to you

  • You attracted with money
I figure out five points that are responsible for you to get into this field. If your friend is doing this you need to discuss how you can start but if he doesn’t have time for you don’t worry you can learn it through the internet. I am helping you. Keep in touch and regularly do the study.

If you came to know through the internet then you might have researched it. Make your time table for your learning and follow it.

Suppose you are already the student of the marketing field and want to know about digital marketing too. This is your good choice. Do your best to gain most of it.

Teachers are real motivators those are always encouraging you to move in the right direction. So follow your teacher's guidelines. Never ignore while you are learning. This will always help you.

Ok, the most important thing everyone wants to earn money. But you want to get this by doing little effort then this is not for you. I think in every field if you wanna succeed then no shortcut is available.

You need to do some hard work. I saw most of the people just start blogging and then they quit because they do mistakes and get nothing from it.

No one can work if he is not getting something good in the back. Ok, let’s talk about mistakes that people do while blogging.

Blogging Mistakes

  • Copy other's content.

  • insufficient knowledge about blogging topics.

  • Not familiar with CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress.

  • Content is not impressing the audience.

  • Not following the Content Quality Guidelines.

  • Doing keyword stuffing.

  • Poor link building

  • Not aware of SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

  • Aware of SEO but don’t know technical SEO.

Suggestion About Content writing

  • Always write your own content don’t copy others. Respect the other publisher’s work.

  • Be clear with your vision and topic of blogging

  • Do research before posting

  • Don’t participate in paid links.

  • Earn some quality backlinks from trusted sites

  • Learn about SEO

  • Follow Black hat SEO rather than black hat SEO for long term success.
You can not learn in one day. You need the practice to perform your learning experience. I am trying to make it simple for you otherwise it will gonna confuse you. Learn step by step.

Moreover, your traffic sources should be genuine, not fake. You can not promote products or services that are not giving value to your users. Successful bloggers never do these things. You can take some online courses to get more clarity.

Give a response to the user’s query and get engaged with them while they are commenting on your blog posts. Don’t write posts that look like sponsored posts and only encouraging to do deal with no value. You can do email marketing with your saved email address.

Never forget to use social media. Make your page and community. Share your thoughts there and be engaged with the community.

Monetizing your blog

  • You can use affiliate product marketing. Even you can provide an affiliate link. But do not accept too many links on websites that are not guiding in the right way to the user. I am still not happy with Google's results why they have too many websites that do not have sense. But still with Google because Google is doing too much effort to clean the web from spam.

  • You can use Google Adsense.

  • You can use some other affiliate programs. Many bloggers making money from them.

  • Google allows you to do affiliate marketing with Google Adsense but you need to follow their rules means terms and conditions. where I read you can do other advertisements but they should look different from Google ads.


You can do better in this field if you put your dedication and full involvement. Just follow the steps that I have discussed with you. The user’s email list can help you to drive traffic. Send an email to your audience to read your new content. I suggest you do only two times in the month.

Happy Learning

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