Display Advertising: The Golden Boost To Your Business

Google Ads provides Display Advertising. While you are making it, make sure you get most of them. How it is possible. Before I tell you this. Learn about it how it works.

What is display advertising

In Digital Marketing, it is the business need to run an ad campaign. There are two types of ad one is search ad second is display ad.

I am going to explain. Search ad only runs in the search engine when someone enters their relevant query to your ad. 

But display ad shows up on the website where you found relevant content to your ad. 

While concentrating on a digital display advertising campaign you need to make an informative ad. Effectively use the time slot given to you for your ad. Add the relevant keyword to the ad.

Because your keyword decides where your ad has to show. The wrong implementation is rejected by Google if you are using Google Ads. 

Google runs the auction for the ad. Where he doesn’t accept the highest bid but they accept the quality of the ad. 

If your ad quality points are higher than who bid highest. Then your ad will qualify. Google is the trusted ad network by the advertiser. 

Some people use the display ad as a re-marketing. You can use display advertising agency for this purpose. Google and Yahoo are both have display advertising services. For Google, I suggest you hire an agency that has the approved Google Partner Badge.

Let me tell you about what is the work of agencies who do this work. The agency will collect the cookies data through the user's browser. It can also get through the server of your business site where the data is stored about the user.

After collecting the data agency will target the user on social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You know everyone loves music and people most of the time when they want to entertain themselves use Youtube.

The agency will also show your ad on youtube. This is not less, even when users will search on any of the search engines and navigate to any website then your ad will be there.

This is the way to cover up the user from all around on the internet. When you are selecting your display advertising company, make sure it has a good reputation.

If you are selecting newcomers in the industry then I recommend support them but first analyze their convincing skills within the market.

If you don’t know to remarket, I am explaining. When someone visits on your site and he did not make any purchase yet.

Then you target him again through the ad. This process is known as remarketing. Many businesses got success with it.

I covered the main point and make it simpler for your understanding. You are now aware of what it is.

How it works

I am getting the example of Google Adwords. As I have given you a little bit of knowledge in the above section. I am clarifying it more. 

Suppose I have a business about SEO Services and I want to get more customers via Google ad. 

How my ad should look like. It should contain my agency brand name and Clearly mention the services I am providing. It should be attractive. 

My landing page should provide information about the quality services that I am offering and the Buy button who are interested to buy my services. 

Moreover, this is not complete. I need to decide the keyword for it. Ok, SEO Agency will suit to this ad.

Because who is reading about SEO agency might be looking for the SEO service. I just included one target keyword. 

You can choose as your requirement.

Now you need to understand PPC marketing. I am going to explain it.

Pay Per Click Marketing

CPC pricing is sometimes known as pay-per-click (PPC). PPC market where you pay money to the advertiser according to the one-click or per click. You can learn the following formulas to work better. 

Calculation Of CTR, CPC, CPM, and Cost to an advertiser:

Cost to an advertiser = CPM * (Impressions / 1000)

CPM(Cost per mile, it is a cost per thousand impressions) = Cost to an advertiser * 1000 / Impressions

Cost to an advertiser = CPC * Number of clicks

CPC(Cost per click) = Cost to an advertiser / Number of clicks

CTR(Click through rate) = (Number of clicks / number of impressions) * 1000

Where CPA is known as Cost per action

Above I have covered the formulas for your understanding. When the user clicks on your ad you are about to pay according to CPC.

Cost Per Click According to Google

Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding means that you pay for each click on your ads. For CPC bidding campaigns, you set a maximum cost-per-click bid – or simply "max. CPC" – that's the highest amount that you're willing to pay for a click on your ad (unless you're setting bid adjustments, or using Enhanced CPC).
RPMRevenue Per Thousand Impressions

RPM in Adsense
RPM in Adsense

For your kind of information, if you wanna do it by yourself then you need to know how to bid on Google.

Online advertisement where you can choose CPM. This will cost you per thousand impressions. 

People love to see video ads. You can promote your business with this opportunity. 

Apart from this internet users love quality content. So make your web pages good as much you can. 

A banner ad is a good ad format that will help you to create brand awareness about your business. It is a real-time effect.

How to pay less per click?

  • Create a relevant ad and rich ad.

  • Focus on the location where you want to target your customer means to understand location targeting.

  • Use the only relevant keyword for the ad.

  • Find a better place to advertise.

  • Choose display advertising or search advertising according to your needs.

  • Choose CPC and CPM according to the platform(website, social media, and search engine).

  • The ad should be call-to-action oriented.

  • Notice your previous ad behavior.
Note: In Google advertising, if your quality score is better then you can win auction even you bid less than others whose quality score is less from you.

Now I want to remember one thing advertisement for bad products or services can kill your brand faster than natural because everyone gonna spread the bad experience of your service.

You can learn more about Google display network

Let me talk about Facebook ads also. How it works. When you want to sell your branded clothes. 

How you can advertise on Facebook. I am telling you about my personal experience. 

You need to choose a popular fashion page. Where you can target audience related to your ad and you will get more conversion. 

Once your ad will be approved then your ad will live. You can notice how many people are looking for such nice clothes that you are offering. 

You will get more in return what you are spending on the ad.


In conclusion, I have covered the main points that you need to know about display advertising. I definitely recommend you to use it for the growth of your business.

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Popular posts from this blog

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