Google's Ranking Factors

While talking about Google's ranking factors. It is good to know about it from every perspective. It will help you with your project. I am describing the list.

You need to understand and implement this on your website.

If you don't know the working of  Google search engine then you need to learn SEO.

Ranking Factor List

Domain-level link authority: Domain authority includes the number of different domains linking to the site according to the trust/authority of those domains and the rate at which inbound link is added.

Page-level link metrics: The links as related to the specific page, such as the number of links and the relevance of the links.

Page-level keywords and content: This describes the keyword phrase in the particular parts of the HTML code of your page. That has a title tag, h1 tag, alt tag, and relevance to your content.

Page-level internal links: They determine the number of followed links, number of “nofollow” links. Learn internal linking to understand this.

Domain-level brand metrics: Search volume on the website’s brand name and its presence in social media.

Ranking signal: It is analyzed through the trust on your web page by the audience and other marketers.

Quality content: Neil Patel said in his video that there are many blogs under any category. How you can show that you have unique quality content?

Be best in your niche and grab good knowledge by doing research.

Machine learning: You can not dominate Google until you do not behave according to Google algorithms.

Content analysis is part of it.

Google search queries: Make your title for the user’s queries and include all relevant data in the post.

User experience: To reduce the bounce rate enhance the engagement of your content for the audience. 

Avoid adding cheap content.

Page speed: Website load time is always the factor of ranking. To check your site speed use Google’s Page Speed Test and apply the suggestions on your site.

Google mobile-first indexing: These days smartphones are used by everyone. Time spent on it is increased continuously and still counting as research said.

Inbound links: The content that has a reference on the web. Google notices it and gets the signal of trust on behalf of other websites that are linking to your's website.

So, make your site for mobile and increase page load speed.

Algorithm update: Be updated with the Google algorithm to know what is happening and what are the future strategies you need to develop.

Never think about too much algorithm update and make fear about it. Just do your hard work but be aware of the misguider of the industry those haven't done any research and practical work. 

Note: Any positive strategy that pushes or encourages you to do work with honesty and uniqueness that makes your's website different will definitely give you a better rank in SERP. 

If you are following Google’s rule then any update will not gonna harm you. You may need to update with add-on features.

Google announced via Matt Cutts that if you are doing right and when any manual action was taken on your site and found everything is alright then you will not drop down from Google search result.

Schema Markup: You are advised to use JSON-LD for your markup. You can check your structure data with the Google structured data testing tool.

You can use a Structured data markup helper for your assistance. You can see available options in the image. You can choose the category which is relevant to your content.

Structure Data Markup Helper

As I have discussed above the various factors that are responsible for ranking. Considering these suggestions will help you to securely pass the ranking algorithm.


In conclusion, I must say focus on your content while making it. Otherwise, all the above strategies will not gonna help you as you are expecting.

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

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