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The latest trend of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Mobile phone users are increasing as time is passing. They are spending more time on mobile and it is expected that time will increase in the future. 

So, As I above said User’s time spend limit on mobile is increasing day by day.

So you need to focus on mobile SEO by Brain Dean means mobile optimization. Google already doing the mobile-first indexing.

So, you make sure your website theme should be responsive. That means it should be a load on the mobile version and the user can easily navigate to your content available on your site.

You should also focus on website loading speed. If your site takes more time then the visitor will leave your site. Do Google page speed test to do so.

Once everything looks fine on page speed test then you don't worry. Otherwise, focus on the recommendation suggested by Lighthouse.

Lighthouse is the tool for a web developer and you can check the quality of your website. All suggestion given by Lighthouse in your page loading speed test is a key factor where you can improve your website.

What I found about website theme most of the developer do the mistake due to the lack of experience and broad thinking.

If you are not developing the theme by yourself then get it from any trusted company. Because it matters.

It should be SEO friendly theme. Avoid unwanted pop up on the website. Make sure you are not using any time-consuming script. Otherwise, your site load time will increase.

If you are using WordPress and you love plugins. Then make sure your plugin is tested by the multiple persons and it has Goodwill in the WordPress community.

By the way why I am saying this. I came to that some plugins make problems on the website. It hurts the functionality of the site.

So, what I am going to suggest to you, just do some research about the plugin. You can watch how many people are already using this.

This will ensure you for the plugin.

If you are new to SEO then you need to learn what is SEO and how you can do it by understanding how it works.

SEO Key Factors 2019:

  • Long-tail keyword: Don’t disregard this because these search terms are with less competition and can bring more relevant traffic to your website.

  • Search trend: Notice the behavior of your keyword with the help of Google Trend. Any new trend comes you should follow them to get the success. 

  • SEMrush: This is widely used in the digital marketing industry by Marketers. SEO tool is very effective and knows where you can compete with your competitors.

  • Word-warning: Using one word on page repeatedly or 50 times will kill your ranking. This is information is given by IAN DODSON. He is an author and Director and Co-Founder of the Digital Marketing Institute.

  • Style and structure: Is your content is user-friendly and It can be read easily by your audience. It makes sense if you are following the user’s behavior. 

  • Be up to date: Your article or post should be updated when it has something new to it. Old information is ignored by the user and search engine too. 

  • URLs: URL of your content still valuable. Put your descriptive keyword in it. Non-descriptive URL does not understand by the search engine and consider as none value.

  • Meta tags: Some people try to get traffic with multiple keywords. This is keyword stuffing. How Search Engine will give the result to one query if you are targeting multiple. Let me clarify. Be specific to one result. Multiple keywords look spammy. I hope you got this.

  • Breadcrumb navigation: Easily allow the user to go back to the previous section or page or content. These kinds of navigation helpful for users.

  • Images and alt text: Alt text is really helpful to understand the images. So never publish your image content without it. Otherwise, the search engine doesn’t understand it.

  • Anchor text: This clickable through a hyperlink within your content. This means a lot to the user what you are providing more relevant. This works for search engines too.

  • Social sharing: Use the power of social media. Nowadays it is working so good. Facebook and Youtube are good platforms to start.

  • Technical SEO: Don’t forget to make sure you are doing right according to it. If you don’t know then learn it. Or you can hire to SEO guy to this.

  • Link format: There are four types of links. First uninformative link where you put a link like a click here. Don’t do this. Think why the user has to go there if it not suggesting what will be in the link. Second is the URL link. Some people link on a home page with another page on the site. This does not work. So, avoid this. The third is the Topic link. This is a good idea to link with subjective title words to explore more. I am just giving point to point information for your clear understanding. Read all posts to get a better mindset. Fourth is the Keyword link. It is the way to include the keyword in the page. I suggest you implement this but never try to add too much and irrelevant that does not have the sense to the topic.

  • Link building: Very important for both inbound and outbound. Also, concentrate on internal linking but use clustered type.

  • UX: User experience for content in SEO is most important as a ranking factor. Good SEO practices are an essential part of it.

  • SEO content: The content or post that is based on SEO optimization means done by SEO known as SEO content. It can be under any niche. Suppose my blog is based on SEO then my niche is SEO. You can choose anyone but take that in which you have an interest. It will be easy for you. Otherwise, you will face difficulty. There is nothing impossible but you need some extra effort if you have no interest then it takes time to make interest.
I am going to explain some other things. Great content automatically demands keyword research. When you write your content own you should add a target keyword.

Follow professional search marketers. You will come to know the important ranking factors.

A search query in the Google search is based on the user. How he is looking means which keywords he is typing.

How the user finds the result. This is based on the user’s behavior and machine learning process.

Let me clear it.

Google notices how the audience is interacting with the web page. So they can provide the rank to it. I suggest you enrich blog posts with good information.

SEO strategies: Get your notebook and note down the points that I have discussed with you.

Content optimization is the way you need to follow.

The latest SEO trend suggests using the featured snippet. It converts user intent into click action. What is your search intention? I think you love this too.


In conclusion, I can say that follow the above all the strategies that I have discussed. Use the tool I told you. It is better to get good results.

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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