Bing and Google's Search Operators

Search engines like Bing and Google's search operators are very helpful to navigate information according to the specific search term. I am going to describe both Google and Bing. People also call them to search operators for SEO.

Google advanced search operators

1. Site: - You can search for domains and their sub-directories with it. You can check whether your website is in Google index or not. You can retrieve all URLs related to your Domain those are in the index.

Moreover, a site operator is used most of the time.


For a website:

For a directory:

For sub-domains:

For a specific top-level domain (TLD): site:org


Site Search Operator

2. Inurl: or allinurl: - You can find the result from a document containing search query in URLs.

As the name suggests the purpose of both operators.


For within URL: inurl:Seo, inurl:Education

For the overall URL: allinurl:Seo Education

The above operator shows how you can use words or phrases to search in a complete URL or containing in URL.


inurl search operator

3. Intitle: or allintitle: - It is similar to the above I have explained. Just change the URL with Title. You will get its meaning. 


For within Title: intitle:Digital, intitle:Marketing

For overall Title: allintitle:Digital Marketing

You can type the phrase in quotes. Google will return the result from the title.


intitle search operator

4. Inanchor: or allinanchor: - Find search results from anchor text in the web page title. Your search term can be one or more. Moreover, apart from this but related to it to understand it correctly. Some people are not aware of Inanchor SEO. I tell you when you link any of post to your article which is related to the content you have written. We use link HTML for this purpose and writes a descriptive and helpful anchor text to the link. 


For within anchor: inanchor:inbound, inanchor:links

For overall anchor: allinanchor:inbound links

Output for inanchor:what is seo

inanchor search operator

As you can see in the image I highlighted one result. This page does not contain anchor text in body text but still in result. How Google shortlist the result? It is confusing. I have tested and but the results I got, do not have the anchor text "what is SEO". I checked this for a general query but the result is the same. 

What I am thinking? The result page should contain anchor text that we are searching through an Inanchor operator. You can check it yourself.

Note: But Google gave related results to the SEO. Those are helpful.

5. Intext: - With it, you can find sites that body text has a specific text in the description.


For intext:link building

With this syntax, you will get data from a blog post where this text is available and Google searches the data on the web page.


intext search operator

I hope you got it.

6. Filetype: - Search for site those have particular filetype extensions like pdf, html, xlsx, pptx, and docx. If a specific site does not have any of the given extension files then you will get nothing. Google will say did not match documents.


For filetype:html


filetype search operator

Find pages according to your need

7. Related: - If you want to get the results related to site means who has linked with them. In other words, the link belongs to a particular site.



related search operator

You can see twitter result in an image that is related to the site.

8. Info: - When you want to see the information about any page then you can use this operator. If the page is not in search then you will not see any of related to the page.




info search operator

9. Cache: - If you want to see the Google cache version of the web page then this operator is helpful.




example of cache search operator

Moreover, you can do an advanced search.


site:<>/<subdirectory1> or site:<>/<subdirectory2>.

It is your wish to get more data by typing more queries.

site:<> inurl:<keyword1> or site:<> inurl:<keyword2>

site:<> intitle:<keyword1> or site:<> intitle:<keyword2>

You can use + sign instead of OR and you can add according to your need.

Note: If you want the exact query detail then type in Quotes. Otherwise, the search engine excludes words.

This is all about Google search operators for SEO.

Bing advanced search operators

10. LinkFromDomain: - This checks all outbound links from any site. You can find your competitor's links that might help you too. This is the amazing feature of bing search operators.



linkfromdomain search operator

The above image shows has links to these websites.

11. Contains: - Get the detail about pages linking to a specific document that contains relevant information. This is helpful and good to see in bing operators.


contains:digital marketing


contains search operator

12. IP: - It shows the sites sharing the one IP Address. You can see the bing search syntax below to understand it.


For Host Cloudflare - IP:


ip search operator

13. Inbody: Provide you detail about query text where it is found in the body of the web page. SEO Bing is not similar to Google SEO but needs the same hard work for both bing and google.


inbody:M.S. Salotra


inbody bing search operator

14. Loc: - Get results based on a particular location.


Seo agency loc:Au


location search operation

15. Feed: - Get feed results related to the query word.




feed search operator

In content marketing, all the above techniques are helpful for search. If you want to check duplicate content then you can use Google Search Console. Keep your work smart with search operators in SEO.

Note: 1st, 8th, and 14th numbers are useful. You can clear your mind by testing another option but they are not used in Google search. Also, test with space after the colon. I just wrote this because you might somewhere have read about it. This is not recommended to use until you are not a professional and have not connected with Google official. 

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