Google Tag Manager - How to Start?

In digital marketing Google Tag Manager really helpful to do remarketing. This tool provides you data from the predefined container that has tags and triggers to perform the requested task.

I talked about three words container, tags, and trigger. These are functional features of the GTM tool.

I am going to share information about how you can start working with GTM.

How to start?

Create container in Google Tag Manager

Above image instructing to create the container with the four choices to choose where you want to use. Just put your site, about you want to collect data.

What is a Container?

It contains information about your project selection. For which you want to set tags and trigger. Basically, you add your website to it and then select where you will apply this container.

In the next step, you need to add tags and triggers in the container.

What are Tags?

Tags are the option to choose which type of analysis you want to do. For example, you want to analyze the Adwords remarketing then you need to choose a related tag type that is built to do this.

I have given information about it. when you scroll down you will see the image where I show you to the selection of this.

What is a Trigger?

It is the token given to the tag manager when to release it. When your trigger condition comes in a true state. It will fire means will execute the process given to it.

Suppose you have given the task to collect data about how many people scrolled up to 75%. Once the user will reach this percentage, the system triggers the process of the task. After this, the data will be stored and you can check it.

Adding tags and trigger to Google Tag Manager

You can see in the image that I selected the Tags option and a new layer came on the screen where you need to add them.


Google Ads Remarketing

In the above image, you can see I selected "Google Ads Remarketing" because I want to create the workspace to calculate the Adwords(Google Ads) data.

There are 50 Tags available. You can choose according to your requirements.

Next is the trigger configuration.

Trigger configuration in Google tag manager

Next is after saving it.

Google Tag Manager Workspace

Install Google Tag Manager

Install Google Tag Manager

The most important part is you need to install a Google Tag Manager. For this, you can see in the image we have two codes. One for the head tag and another for the body tag.

You need to add both in your source code of the website. Otherwise, it will not gonna work. If your site is not catching it directly then parse your code and then add it.

For more information read it from

I hope, this information will help you.

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

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