10 Online Marketing Trends

While analyzing how online marketing trends will change this year's working strategy. The latest impact will happen through AI and ML which will play a vital role in this industry.

What is AI: It is the human practice to add the statements into the system and code to work accordingly.

What is ML: It is the learning capability of the system and machine to analyze the AI set of instructions to make the product more quality-oriented.

Online marketing trends

1. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

It can help you to dominate your competition. Because of reading ability of people is decreasing and they love to watch videos instead.

Moreover, You can Integrate AI in Customer Service & Experience. It will increase the speed of your business.

2. Content marketing

I explained in the above statement that videos are most important but everything is not possible in the video to describe and you need text for it to be practical.

For example, you need text to copy and want to implement your own idea. Like computer programming language you can get an understanding of it with the video.

But when you want to do practically you need syntax and so you can copy and paste in your project. With the help of this, you can create your own logic when you know the functionality of the code.

Sometimes people don’t want to see the long videos and for this reason, you can not explain all and you need content for it.

Hence you can boost your content marketing by adding a video to content.

Moreover, the Augmented reality of the SEO industry is the good blog post that can convince the customer to generate the lead and then your responsibility for how you handle the lead.

The virtual reality of the unsuccessful lead is poor communication when you deal with the customer.

A great article can only put a good impression on a customer that will boost the click-through rate of your selling product.

3. Email marketing

Everyone has email and you can not leave this for your brand marketing. But it is important to use Email automation but you are advised that don’t send to many emails to the subscriber.

People don’t like this strategy. Instead of this, you can send one mail weekly with an important article. If you can provide the option for the reader to subscribe daily or weekly then it will be more effective.

A user can choose according to his needs.

4. Video marketing

I told you about the importance of the videos in the second heading. It is good to engage with the audience on social media with it.

Use suitable keywords for video.

You can notice the marketing strategy of Facebook. Once you log on to your account you can not leave it early because of videos that have the power to retain the audience.

Hence the user’s time spent on Facebook is increased. You can also take the example of Instagram that is more popular with it.

5. Voice marketing

It is part of AI. You can implement your product also. Google voice search is a good example of it.

People love to speak rather than typing because it is quick and new. Google's assistant is a loving feature of Android.

Google Home is also helpful to make your reminder settings, flight search and much more. Its sound quality is so good.

I hope the above examples help you to understand this marketing feature.

According to research, 50% of the search will be done by voice search in 2020.

Voice search SEO in 2019

6. Visual search

It is a feature that is provided by Google through image search. You can find the information about the Book, Business card, Landmark, Painting by just uploading the picture to Google image.

Google visual search

Google visual search will find the match and give you a result of it with detail.

7. Mobile marketing

According to research, 80% of users are connected to sites like Twitter and Facebook. Out of 1 billion users, there are 600 million are using Facebook via mobile.

So you can understand the importance of this. Target your audience on mobile to get the most from your business.

8. Social marketing

We all know the well known social networking sites and users they have on their website. Create your business page on them and engage with the audience to attract with your product.

You can place the ad also. But make sure the right way to do this. Otherwise, you can not get much from these sites actually you can.

9. Living live

Facebook live and Youtube live is most helpful for you. Any important message can be delivered through this and you can make more engagement with your subscriber.

You can respond to their line comments.

10. Smart speaker

A great speaker will really boost your marketing plans. You can use your great video for digital advertising.

Search engine marketing turning into influencer marketing. It means how good you can represent your business product and services to the client and encourage means to influence them.

As we all know creating content takes time. First, research the topic and add your knowledge or experience to an article.

In real-time a good promotion help to increase conversion rate.

Note: The term Smart Speaker actually refers to a voice command device with an integrated virtual assistant that gives a result with action-oriented voice instruction. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are examples of it. 

But I used this key term to elaborate the benefit of a good motivational speaker for your video marketing.


In conclusion, I am suggesting to use a new recommendation for your business success. Use video and social live features both.

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Popular posts from this blog

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