SEO Marketing Part A

Are you looking to make an online presence of your business? In Online marketing, the search engine can help you through SEO Marketing. You really need to understand its style of working if you want to come into this field.

First of all, let me discuss.

It is the way from that you can promote your business and also can make money online through content marketing

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and is part of SEM(Search Engine Marketing) which is done by SEO ExpertSMO(Social Media Optimization) which done by a person who is known by SMO.

You can know more about it by learning online marketing scope.

Moreover, if we talk about digital advertising which is the instant promotion method of the online market. There are various platforms available on the internet to do this such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and content marketing sites.

In Google, you can choose search advertising that shown when we search on Google. You can also use display advertising.

I hope you got what I discussed.

What is SEO Marketing?

Actually, You can understand this in two ways. If I talk about only SEO Market then you will get an idea about what I am talking about in the SEO industry.

SEO Specialist does the On-Page and OFF-Page optimization of your business website. If you don't know these terms then What is SEO is a helpful article for you. I suggest you read it and then come back to this post and continue your reading.

This market is playing a very effective role in the digital industry.

Ok, next I am coming to the next point that adding the ING to the second word of the first point and it becomes marketing.

Take an example of me I am providing SEO services means I am doing SEO Marketing. Now you have a clear idea of what is the difference between both.

Hope I gave the detail about what you are looking at this page. I am also explaining related things. Read all for better knowledge.


  1. Boost your online presence.

  2. Help to get leads means interested customers.

  3. Organic traffic.

  4. Saves advertising Budget.

  5. Gives competition to your competitor.


  1. It takes time to implement.

  2. Once implemented takes time to give the result.

How SEO Marketing Works?

Suppose you don't have your business website. You want to develop. For this purpose, you need a website developer. After completion of the site, you are required to do its SEO.

First of all, the SEO guy will understand your business. He will make his strategy according to your business need then he will plan how he can represent your quality services.

A good SEO guy also provides you information about what you are lacking in your business and he will tell you the improvement that you can make to develop your brand Goodwill. 

Maybe the SEO agency has worked before a similar project like you. So their team has the knowledge and experience of how better they can do for your project.

For your information, if you don't know how to hire SEO Expert or Agency then I have written a post about SEO Services. I suggest you read this. You will get information about how to hire an SEO guy and how you can trust the SEO company.

Moreover, you will also be guided if you are deceived by the previous company. Remember I also offer SEO service.

Why You Need It?

Now you know its working and still thinking why you need SEO. Above I have told you the advantages of this. You can understand how it can benefit you.

Most of the people are searching for business and services like you on the internet. So why you are not want to be there. I suggest you, do this and complement it with the SEO.

Moreover, don't forget to get your local listing provided by Google if you meet their guidelines.

How Google My business works?

The answer is, it is based on location and it helps you to get local customers when they search on the Google search engine.

Hope this article fulfill your need.

Stay Happy

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