SEO Tags - Impact On Website

You can not tell the structure of your website without SEO Tags. Which are the right ways to use them and their role for users and search engines?

Think when you submit your site to Google. How Googlebot will understand your content. I am going to explain everything related to it. I suggest you read carefully if you are new to SEO.

SEO tag list

Heading tag

First of all your content start with the title tag. Which should be your main heading tag means it should be written in the H1 tag.

Syntax <h1>Your Post Title</h1>

What if you have a template that defines automatically your main heading with the title. So next you have to start with the H2 tag.

Syntax <h2>Your Sub Heading of Title</h2>

How you can determine where you have to put this tag then think about your content style and keep in mind how the user will understand which text is associated with which category.

Suppose you take the example of this post. You have to describe what is about your H1 Heading and then what comes under it will be written in H2 Heading.

I hope you got it.

Next is the H3 tag. You have to use when if your H2 has a subcategory. You can use it until your next H2 not come.

Syntax <h3>Your H2 Sub Heading</h3>

The rest of the heading tags like H4 tag, H5 tag, and H6 tags are not used in the content. Because they are too small to notice. You can still use it where you require them.

Note: If you use H1 more than once then your article is not SEO friendly according to Bing. Google also recommends only one.

Meta tag

Meta tags are not required on the blogger platform. You can work without it. You just need to write good content and then post with proper management means under the labels. 

Meta tags are used to tell the search engine that you have what type of web page via Title and description tags. Some of the other tags used rarely according to me because I have not used any of them that I have discussed in the SEO tags post.

These tags used for instruction to the crawler for content. It has various attributes to perform a unique task. I am telling you the syntax of various purposes and their use in SEO.

Copyright attribute

Syntax <meta name="copyright" content="Content rights reserved" />

It instructs the search engine that content cannot be reproduced without permission. 

Note: Don't use someone else content on your website it is the violation of DMCA. Once you are noticed you are doing this you can be banned in search of this activity. 

For your success always use unique content and put your involvement in the content. Your experience with the quality content will definitely pay you what you are expecting.

Keep this suggestion in mind.

Request copyright removal

Description attribute

Syntax <meta name="description" content="Your 150 word Content description" />

It very important tag for an SEO point of view. Always use this with your every blog post.

Robots attribute

It plays a very effective role in Technical SEO. Let me explain all the values used with this attribute. 

First of all, If you want to include your content in the search engine then use "index" and if you want to keep away from the search engine then use "noindex".

Next, see some other values that can be used with this attribute.

nofollow is used when you don't want to pass the page rank to the web page.

none is used when you don't want to index and follow the content.

noarchive used when you don't want to make an archive or cache your search result

nosnippet used when you don't want to make snippets in search.

noodp used when you don't want to add a description from the web directories.

notranslate restrict the translation of a web page.

noimageindex restrict the image indexing in the search engine.

unavailable_after: allows to remove the content after the specified date and restrict to the crawler to revisit.

The above information is so meaningful. Wrong use of "custom robots header tag" can result in disappearing from the SERP.

True false about meta tag

Meta Tags True False

Meta Tag true false.

True: You can take multiple robots Meta Tags.

False: You can take only one Meta Tag.

HTML tags

<p> tag is used for paragraph. Tell the crawler you have the next paragraph. This is an SEO recommended tag.

<alt> tag is very useful for images. It describes your image and responsible for image ranking.

<br /> tag used for next line in the content.

<div> used to apply the particular attribute to the content within this tag. 

For example, <div align="center">Your content</div>  used to place the content in center.

<Strong> tag used to bold the text.

 More HTML formatting tags

Moreover, apply your tags on the SEO content template.

Stay Happy

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