SEO Website: Get Traffic But How

What you want to understand with the query SEO Website. I am guessing you are looking at the site which through you can learn search engine optimization.

How you can improve your site traffic with it. It depends on you. Why I am saying like this because most of the persons learn this but when they do practically this they face difficulty.

Sometimes people make mistakes due to wrong understanding. If you are new to this field then you might be interested in SEO basics that will help you to get more clarity on this topic.

Ok, let's talk about SEO design means your website theme structure. How it should be look alike?

Your all pages should be navigatable from the Home Page. You still can hide the web pages from the search engine by using "noindex" and "nofollow".


<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

The used both values. You can instruct Googlebot with that if my page is somewhere else except my site then don't follow from there.

Your page will completely be hidden to the Search Engine using this code. By default Google index all pages.

Moreover, Your template should not contain unwanted CSS and unnecessary code that is increasing your website loading speed.

You can Defer unused CSS to improve your website speed.

If you are using WordPress then avoid using the plugins that are affecting the speed. Use verified plugins among the WordPress community.

Learn the SEO tags that will help you in formatting your site.

What is an SEO profiler?

I am covering this in posts because beginner in SEO wants the knowledge about this application. My title is about to help to gain more success in Google. This is the website that can help you. They have done lots of projects and 20 % are happy customers.

SEOprofiler success rate

SEOprofiler success rate for a happy customer.
What is SEOprofiler.

What is SEOprofiler in Google search? SEOprofiler claims that it is the application that helps to get higher ranking in Google and other search engines. I am providing their own website value in the market and the unique users they get. Trust is based on their testimonials and previous projects. success.

I checked the website and it's estimated that website value of is currently at $ 29,714 USD, and reaches roughly 3,417 unique users each day that generates 13,568 daily pageviews.

How SEO Website can Help you to get traffic

SEO based websites provide you the knowledge and instruction that help you to grow. I am giving some list of points about SEO oriented sites that followed by them.

Golden Steps That SEO websites Do

  1. Using SEO Theme or Template.

  2. Responsive design.

  3. Unique from other sites.

  4. It provides good quality knowledge about a topic. 

  5. Avoids cloaking and sneaky redirects.

  6. Use clustered type linking rather than cross-linking.

  7. Gets quality backlinks.

  8. Make healthy internal linking.

  9. The descriptive use of Title and Description meta tags.

  10. Do keyword research and topic research.

  11. Use SEO tools to find mistakes.

  12. Using PageSpeed insights.

  13. Avoid duplicate content

  14. Follow DMCA guidelines.

  15. Follow Google guidelines.

  16. Don't do Black hat SEO
Follow the above list to get the traffic. Don't forget to learn technical SEO.

5 Good SEO Websites

  1. has value $ 358,259 USD With 163,588 daily pageviews. 

  2. has value $ 341,812 USD With 156,078 daily pageviews.

  3. has value $ 160,513 USD With 73,293 daily pageviews

  4. has value $ 145,982 USD With 66,658 daily pageviews.

  5. has value $ 65,915 USD With 30,098 daily pageviews.
The above data is researched by me. But it is not accurate but estimated with the website

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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