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The website's success is based on the reputation of the author but the layout is important. If you are going to develop the site like Facebook and my blog. You should know the strategy of content marketing sites. But Facebook is not content marketing site but actually based on the content post by their account holder.

Websites developed on Shopify and Magento are the eCommerce websites. But Google supports the Shopify. I personally look out the features of both where Magento claims that we offer service better than Shopify.

But I have no decision yet which is good. Still focusing on my blog.

There are lots of content on every single topic then how you can make the difference.

How websites get success?

Let's learn content marketing.

In the digital marketing industry, people create new unique content, and then from that content they do marketing. They do advertising on the content or generate leads from them.

By doing this they generate income. But this task is not as simple you think. It takes a lot of time to create a unique post because it requires your research material.

Moreover, you can not do research effectively if you are don't have experience in the field and you are not passionate about it.

Does this really make sense?

Then stop making poor content if you are doing. You can not get success until you are not making a difference with your view as an expert.

Nowadays this industry has a lot of competition. I want to tell the story of Brain Dean. He said when I started my website then after my work was done I was still not making a success.

So, you can think about how difficult work you need to do. He did research on backlinks. How they are working and can you make more traffic by making good quality backlinks?

Brain Dean's story by Forbes that will really help you.

Don't give up when you fail. Just find why you failed. The answer to this question will really help you to succeed in the step.

As a beginner, everyone makes mistakes until they get the experience to do the right work.

The above statement will really help you and encourage you to keep patience and work hard. I follow Neil Patel too. He is also not got success with the first project.

Do you know what was the project?

He created a website like a According to the statement of Neil Patel, he did shit work on that site.

After that Neil started learning and now in the blogging field, everyone knows about them.

The story of both gentlemen tells you how websites get success.
From my point of view the websites that have clean code, not too much-unwanted programming. But the structure of the website is easily navigatable. Furthermore, your applications on the website should be fast that means it should not be time taking or in other words loading is prohibited from the point of user.

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Popular posts from this blog

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