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In the SEO field if you are not new then you know the importance of the keyword research. This is the first step that you do for your On-Page SEO. I will explain everything related to it that will be helpful for you.

Before I continue, I want to ask a question. Are you a beginner in SEO?

If yes then you might be not aware of On-Page SEO. I have written an article what is SEO that will help you to understand it. Read this and come back to this post.

Next, I am going to explain.

What is keyword research?

This is a process finding the word or collection of words for the content or business page. How people are searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

You take this process in order to get the most searchable keyword on the search engine. You can get this data and store it on file and do the planning how better you can use them.

When you are collecting your data make sure it should be relevant to the content. You are not advised to use an unwanted keyword if you thinking you can get more traffic with them.

Nowadays, Google is very smart and you can not fool them. Don't do keyword stuffing. It will harm your SEO work.

In the next step that I am explaining more detail.

Types of keyword

Short keyword and long-tail keyword are two types that are used. Taking about the first keyword category, It is used to target the audience with the short term. For example, one to three words like "keyword tools"

But when you target with a long descriptive sentence then it comes to the second category. For example, "How to find the best keyword"

How you can do Keyword research?

Suppose you are new in any field and you don't know about it. You want to write an article about it. For this purpose, you are looking keywords. And you are thinking you can write an article by doing this.

Then, you are wrong. Think, there are lots of web pages on the internet and how you can distinguish yourself means your article from others.

Did it make sense?

You can not copy from others. So when you are writing about any topic you must have experience with it. I just covered the point where you might do a mistake.

For research, you can use tools for this purpose that will help you. I am going to describe in the next section.

Keyword research tools

  1. Google keyword planner


  3. Keyword Everywhere

  4. Ubersuggest
These are the four tools that are most used in SEO marketing. I am going to explain one by one.

Google's keyword tool is part of Google Ads. You need a Google account to access it. Once you log in you can enter the more than one keyword separated by a comma. It is a free tool.

After that, you will see the result.

Google keyword tool

You can notice the keyword monthly searches, CPC, and the competition. 
You can also view some similar search to the researched keyword in Google keyword tool

Next is the second tool that I have given on the list.

keyword research tool for google
The keyword tool is used to find a keyword in Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Twitter, and App store.  If you want full features of this tool then the Pro version is available for you.

Next is the keyword Everywhere. It is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. You can install on whatever your favorite browser. It is free to use.

Keyword Everywhere output

You can notice in the image how Keyword Everywhere output looks like. It gives data about search volume, CPC, competition and related keyword researched. You can add the keyword to the list by selecting a star in order to select data and you can export them as CSV file.

The fourth is Ubersuggest that gives data based on Google's suggestions. It is on Neil Patel's website. I have given the link above. You can follow to go there.

Moreover, some other tools also available on the internet But I provided the best one. By using these tools you can boost your content value.

Short answer for keyword research

Using Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Keyword Everywhere, and, and the way of your search depends on the personal experience about the field.

Which are the useful methods for keyword research in SEO?

Combining the short keyword with the long tail keyword related to the unique topic.

What is the best free keyword research tool for SEO?

Google keyword planner.

What is a keyword in SEO?

The unique set of words and a query that is searched by the user on the internet through the search engine.

What are the processes of keyword research?

  • Analyze the topic.

  • Finding related phrases.

  • Relation of a similar word or sub related word.

  • Numbering the researched result. 

What is the best tool for SEO keyword analysis?

Google auto-suggestion, Ahref, and SEMrush.

Why is keyword research important in SEO?

Think about how you will tell the search engine that you have an article about what, and also helpful for your audience's understanding.

How to do keyword research using Google keyword planner?

  • Open keyword planner.

  • Select find the keyword. 

  • Write any of you want to research.

  • Press Enter.

  • See the results and choose related ones.

What are the Benefits of keyword research in SEO?

You make helpful content for the user and search engine. Also, increase the engagement with the post.

What SEO keyword tool has the biggest database?

Keyword Planner, SEMrush keyword magic tool, and also use Google trends to see what is happening with what. 

Note: SEMrush is the paid tool.

Do blogs need to do keyword research?


How to do SEO for multiple keyword research?

Get all possible information and do shortlist for the important words and write about it with an accurate SEO content template.

How to make a report on keyword research for my clients?

Make the Excel report or PDF report with a template that contains search volume, impression, clicks, CTR, average position in search, and CPC. It will just look like a keyword planner report. 

How to improve my keyword research skills?

Read more about your topic or field and be an expert on it.

What is low KC keyword research?

That has less competition on the particular keyword and making the list of all to use it to rank in search engine with minimum effort but note that nowadays it is not simple as you think, do something unique within your content.

How I can finalize my keyword after keyword research?

By deciding the relation with title and headings.

How to do keyword research for YouTube?

Use the Youtube keyword research tool. Note the Youtube suggestion also.

Is the Keyword Planner a sufficient tool for keyword research?

No, you need some more information. So Google search console can also help you. You can see under the performance. Use suitable queries suggestion.

Should I use the same keywords for SEO content and Adwords?

Yes, it will push the right audience to the right destination.

What Are the best free LSI keyword research tools?

How to find competitors' keywords for free?

It takes time when you research it manually but you need tools to do it. There is nothing free in this industry if you want to get more data. But's free tool can help you. But it gives less information with the free version. 

Moreover, tools like Ahref has more analytical data. You can do keyword research page by page. Your website analysis can be about the eCommerce website.

How to use the Majestic SEO keyword checker for SEO?

My Post about SEO tools and how they help us will guide you about checking the keyword.

Stay Happy!

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