Domain Authority IN SEO

Good to see that you are aware of Domain Authority but do you know this is a ranking factor that is developed by Moz. It's ranking score starts from 1 to 100. What that means. If your site score is 100 then your DA is at the top. which is good for you. 

So the next question is how you can determine this. Before analyzing you must know your competitor. Any wrong selection will not give you the right result. 

Suppose you are working in the digital marketing field then you have to choose a competitor who is also in the same field as you. 

After this, you can check your DA detail in MozBar (a free Chrome-extension).

Effect on ranking

Before continue to analyze its effect. You need to know how many authority links are coming to your website. More authority links decide your site DA. 

Now come to the point. As I have already told you in some other posts. Quality backlinks play an important role in ranking. Similarly, DA is the measurement of quality backlinks. 

I think you know got the point. Good backlinks or good DA do effect on ranking boost. You can grow easily your DA from 20 to 30 and then 70 to 80 as said by Moz.

Learn more from Moz itself.

Domain Authority Checker

You will find many results on the internet regarding this. It is Moz's development. So why you want to go elsewhere. Trust on Moz and check this with MozBar extension. 

A guy asked a question on Google help forum for the effect of DA. He got the following reply.
The value of the domain authority (DA) is not a metric that Google values. If your website has been penalized, you will receive a notification by manual action in Search Console
But my opinion is, even DA is not developed by Google but it adheres guidelines of Google. Google has the value of quality backlinks. So it matters even you are not aware of DA. 

Moz support

As you can see in the image, If you are facing any trouble with DA but you know there is something wrong then you can do an email on the highlighted address. As mentioned by the Moz you will get a reply within 1 hour.

Domain Authority of 5 SEO Websites

I did research about 5 SEO related websites and found their DA. I am sharing the research with you. I am making list by highest DA. You will also see the page authority and Moz rank for them. Moreover, these websites I found helpful that will save your research time.

Domain authority of

The domain authority of is on the first number.

Domain authority of

The domain authority of is on the second number.

Domain authority of

The domain authority of is on the third number.

Domain authority of

The domain authority of is on the fourth number.

Domain authority of

The domain authority of is on the fifth number.

Note: Above research, ranking is based on only these 5 websites. I used for this research.

How To Improve Domain Authority?

I already told you the main things that you need to understand. So that's why this post is short but I added some good links for your reading. If you have any question then let me know by doing comment.

Stay Happy

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