Google's SEO Tools

Paid tools are helpful but Google's SEO Tools are free and most effective to understand the behavior of your website. I am going to share the experience of Google tools and how you can use them for your project.

When you start any site and post something on that. The first step is to find out the keyword for the article. You have to include all the information regarding the keywords that you are going to add to your content.

Keyword planner

It is a keyword finder tool which will give you the competition detail in the search. It is Google's official tool. It is also used when someone wants to show ads on Google.  

Next, How you can use this?

I am sharing the link for the keyword planner. You need the account of Google Ads to access this feature.

After sign in you will get the following screen.

Keyword Planner after sign in

In the image, you can see you have two options. If you want to see the traffic and competition then choose the first option and for forecast and historical data look at the second option.

Keyword planner first option

Keyword Planner First Option

In the image, you can see the keyword What is SEO. See how this tool responds to the query. This tool is easy to use but you know the way to get most of from this. All related keywords are the idea for your content. I hope you got what I am trying to say. As a beginner, it is very important to you.

Keyword planner second option

Keyword Planner second Option

Above image, giving the information about clicks and impressions you will get and how much you have to pay for them. It will give you the idea if you are targeting the keyword as a publisher. How much money is involved in the keyword depends upon the traffic and competition? 
I suggest, explore it yourself and learn. There are some other keyword finder tools that help in keyword research. Don't forget to note the Google suggestion when you search for any keyword. These are the growth hacking options that you can take.

Google analytics

If you are in the Digital marketing field then you may be already using it. For your kind of information, I want to tell you that can notice the site behavior which post is getting much traffic and from which country you are getting the audience. 


You can also see the browser and operating system that is used by your traffic. Today we are living in the mobile world. Get view, if your site is getting mobile traffic or not. If yes then your website should be responsive that means mobile-friendly.

What else you can do with this tool. You can instruct Google analytics that doesn't include the views of your own network. For this, you need to add the IP Address on this tool to leave the views for a particular IP.

I am sharing the Analytic Screen. So that you can see from where you can set the filter to exclude the particular network or IP address.

Google Analytic Filter Option

You are can see that I have selected the settings option and then I clicked on all filters. From this screen, you can set Exclude or include the only feature for your filter. Before proceeding you are advised to add your filter correctly. Otherwise, it will not gonna work. Moreover, you can remove your filter in the future if you want.
Google filter article can help you with this more.

Next, I am going to explain a very important tool for you. If you have any website and you are not using this then you don't know yet about the SEO field.
Before this tool was known as the Google webmaster tool. But now the name is changed by Google. Below I am sharing a starting screen.

Google Search Console

Press the start button and then you will get the sign-in option. If you don't have Google Account then, first of all, create that in order to access this tool.

There is much information that you need to study if you are new and may you are using already but missing some of the points.

Adding the domain in Google search console

A picture of my account will help you to understand much better.

Adding domain in Google Search Console

As you can see in the image, I have added all the site variants to the Google webmaster account. Now the question is why we need to add all. For your more clarity, Google accesses all and if you got an error to any particular type then you will be notified in the account through the message. 
Moreover, you are advised to use the https version for your blog or website. Because of unsecured websites are no longer supported by Google in the SERP.

Features of Google search console

This is not enough. You can do something more on the Google Search Console. Ask me question if you have any trouble in the webmaster account. 

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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