Page Authority IN SEO

Page authority is just like the domain authority but the only difference is page level. DA associated with the whole domain but PA is about a single web page. The effect of both has an impact on ranking.

When we talk about PA it counts the page level ranking which means a single page can not have an impact on other pages on the site. 

What that mean?

Suppose you have one high-quality page on the website but other pages that are on your website do not have much quality, what I am talking about.

Example of human life

Have you heard the story of unity is the strength? What you learn from that story. You should always stay united if you wanna win from someone else.

You have to maintain your website strength with strong content. A little bit of weakness in some content can be decreased by adding some good internal links that have meaningful information to the content. 

Now you understand the collection of pages in SEO. 

Note: But you have to care about the story's moral. Can you say a collection of week pages can make the difference as I said unity is strength and collection of pages does this?

Then my answer is No.

Why I said No.

I am explaining on the web every single page quality determines the whole site performance. So never ignore the page authority. A collection of poor pages on the website is harmful to your business. 

Nowadays, if you have some sufficient content but have uniqueness and much effective information then it can dominate the website who has more posts than you but quality-wise less.

Then your website rank higher. I hope you got this.

If you still not understanding this I have another story. Do you know about the Sikh religion? If yes then you already know. 

But If you don't know. I am telling you about Shiri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Who said my one soldier can defeat the 1.25 lakh people. Because the majority of moguls had defected with bad habits such as drinking and doing rape of women. 

This happened in Sikh history when Guru Ji did fight with moguls for humanity. He and his soldier saved the respect of women.

Ok, lets come to the point of this post objective. Similarly, strong content can defeat much of the weaker content. 

If you are good with yourself as well as your audience or your customer then in the market you can win.

I think the above information is sufficient to understand PA.  

Effect of this with your involvement

  • More rich content generated: It means will push up yourself in order to achieve good Page Authority.

  • Encourage to get authority inbound links: You will boost your authority backlinks.

  • Strongest bounding with other posts: This means you will create healthy internal linking.

  • Makes a healthier website: The overall effect of PA is your site will be loved by the search engine as well as the user.


In conclusion, I will say, be focused on the Page Authority and Domain Authority. Both complement each other. 

Stay Happy!

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