SEO Tools: How they help us?

The way you want to know the error on your website or you might be interested in learning of SEO Tools. Both are the topics I am going to discuss here. Be passionate about yourself when you come to the digital marketing field.

Search engine optimization is an effective way to make your presence on the internet web. You are looking at tools related to it. So you already know about SEO. If not then explore this blog to know about it.


There are many tools available in the market that you can use but I am going to share the tools that I personally believe. These are the paid tools but after using them you will feel much familiar in SEO.

I will also tell you one free plugin for you if you are a beginner and don't have much money to spend. So why not use it to learn more deeply.

SEMrush tool

In the SEO market, SEMrush is the big name and most trusted brand. It also provides you the free plugin SEO Writing Assistant that will help you to monitor word count with respect to keyword. You will also get a related and meaningful keyword for your title keyword.

With this plugin that works with Google Doc, your post will become so rich. Even if you have not much idea then it will guide you by giving suggestions. Moreover, with the good SEO content template, you will push yourself one step ahead.

So now you might have a question. What is the content template? It is the guide you have to go through and understand the top 10 results of Google. So that you can give something unique and extra to the users.

What else you can do with SEMrush. You can view the important factors that are required to monitor while doing SEO.

Important Factors For SEO

Sitemap accuracy: You are required to see all URLs you want to show in Google that must be included in the Sitemap. For the more than 50 MB in size, you need to add multiple sitemaps. Don't forget to add a video and image sitemap where it is required.

Broken links: The links you are linking with other sites and after some time these links are removed from the original site then your site will gonna effect by this activity. The more and more broken links are bad for you and not recommended by SEO Experts. An SEO Expert can help you regarding this.


Valid redirect: You must know the proper use of 301 redirects and 302 redirects when it needs to be established. Why you need these, because when you move your URL to the new place for the particular content permanently.  

Internal Linking: This is a good way to guide the crawler to understand your website in a better way. It is always better for the beginner to know what is internal linking?

Backlinks: The more links you get on your website or blog are favoring you to boost your ranking. But be sure the links come from trusted sites, not any of the sites that do not have good quality. 

I think the above points making sense in your mind. Go ahead and read further for more clarity.

SEO checklist: When you come to this step. You are requested to check each of the short think. Like heading tags, your anchor text, character length, and uniqueness in title and description, duplication with the content on the website, and most important Google checklist for Google-friendly site.

If you are clear with the above then most important is you have to implement it correctly. Most of the persons do mistakes while developing the website. 

Ahref Tool

You will see here the site explorer. In which you the view of backlinks, organic traffic, referring domains, traffic volume, and Ahref rank.

How it will look like.

Ahref site audit

In the image, you will also see the content gap. You will get an idea to fix them. Your content should cover related question and answer for more clarification.

Also, it will give the Youtube keyword tool and through it, you can target youtube audiences with youtube videos.

You can understand backlinks much better. For example how many links are coming from .gov, and .edu.

Let me clear one thing I am not going to write anything that might confuse you. On the other hand, you can ask me a question in the comment box. I will review and respond to them.


Geographic Overview of SEO Tools

Look globally. You may want to know which tools are working better according to country wise. I am sharing one picture to understand it. 

Geographic view of seo tools

You can see in the image that how SEO tools are performing country wise. SEMrush and Moz are the biggest players in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada but in India, they are used less. 

Majestic and BrightEdge have no business in India. Indian marketers are using fewer SEO Tools in the industry. According to me when you have any client with so many complications then you can not view them manually. 

For this purpose, you need the software that can detect the problems in a fast way, and then you can perform alteration to the project for its improvement. 

I hope you got the above matter that I discussed. 

MOZ Tool

In India, it is most trusted than other tools. You can use the MozBar Chrome extension to work better. You can start your free trial for 30 days after that you have to pay $179 plus applicable tax.

Free trial of Moz Pro

In the image, you are seeing the date when you will gonna charge next. I checked this on 14 May 2019. So it is giving a one-month later date when your trial will gonna expire. You can start your free trial of Moz Pro when you are interested. 

Note: You have to provide your card information for payment. Once your trial will finish you will be charged for next month. You can cancel this anytime within the trial period. 

Keyword Research in Moz

Look at the image and see the options to compare with other sites. You can add up to two domains in the comparison.

keyword research in MOZ

The above image has an option about ranking keywords that you will get here. The current view is for site overview. You can see website ranking with keyword research in Moz that is an easy task but you need to work hard to rank them.

BrightEdge Tool

Before continuing with BrightEdge you are advised to go through the case studies that are available on the website of BrightEdge. You just need to enter the SEO case studies and read them. 

When I request a demo and I got a reply that I am sharing here.


Hello M.S. Salotra, 

Thank you for registering for a personalized demo. 

A BrightEdge representative will contact you shortly to schedule a convenient time for you.

For more information, please visit our resource center. 

The BrightEdge Team

The above information will gonna save your time. If you love my article then show your love by sharing or liking this post. You will see that option at the end of this post. 

You can share your experience with me and I will help you if you face any problem.


Majestic Tool

Majestic is the cheapest service in price than others. There are three plans Lite, Pro, and Full API. I am sharing a quick view of that. 

Majestic plans

The above image shows the Majestic Plans and features according to the plan. It is up to you which one you want to select. I suggest you to first analyze your requirements then choose the plan.

Moreover, articles by Majestic are only available to those who have subscribed to their service. So I can't share that. If you are interested then you can learn our article to know more about digital marketing.

Learn Google SEO tools for better results.

Above all tools are helpful in Google SEO and SEO optimization. SEO marketing can't succeed without these tools. You will definitely become familiar with SEO keywords after learning this post and using its guidelines. Your's on-page SEO will improve by using these tools.

Other SEO tools to use


Keyword Everywhere

Lighthouse Chrome Extension.



In conclusion, I have covered all the important information for you to make an SEO website. So you can save your time for your research.

Stay Happy

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