Long Term SEO Believes and Strategy

Managing your own website or might be you are working in the company. The long term SEO that everyone wants to stay as long as he can in the Google search result. Why not you are doing such things that are possible with intelligent thinking. 

A complicated text which is not understandable is the big mistake. Keep simple language so that everyone can get your content motive means what you are trying to explain.

I also feel sometimes hard to get the right information on Google. The scrolling on the page is difficult on the website like Forbes, Searchenginejournal. But still, they have an audience. Big sites should be easy to load and explore.

Google already focusing on speed. What is the technical reason behind of Forbes website? It is the developer's duty to work on scrolling. When I was on the website I clicked on the ad four times by mistake. 

I am from IT background and know this is the theme or coding problem of website. Both sites have a reputation in the industry.

Why both sites are still doing well because they have good and unique content and have loyal readers. For your long term success avoid this mistake.

For your project keep secure your site from mistakes like this. Do some extraordinary work for your audience. 

The long term SEO checklist

Think if you have everything right on your website and the user is not affected by you with bad experience then you will not get penalized by Google. Algorithms are developed to keep user trust. Google does some manual check and if you find right then you don't worry.

Next is a key point to keep in mind for SEO strategy.
  • Always answer the question that the user is finding.

  • Cover all related information.

  • Build a good looking layout that doesn't compromise the loading of the site.

  • See the unused code on the website. To fix it use defer unused CSS.

  • Quality and uniqueness.

  • Put some extra information that Google currently does not has.

  • Don't promote poor content, software, themes, and plugins.

  • Tell the truth because of user trust.

  • Notice the audience's behavior.

  • Do storytelling.

  • Keep short as you can to remove unwanted information.

  • Users love answers even with less amount of words.

  • Watch your interest in the article while writing.

  • Never send unwanted emails to the user that is the misuse of email marketing.

  • Using Javascript then watch Javascript SEO videos on Google webmaster.

  • See known mistakes by watching SEO myth-busting.

  • Use good SEO friendly tools. Reputation is required.
Moreover, see wordstream.com post

SEO question-answer

Why is SEO considered a long-term process?

See the above checklist and can understand the work to do. Also, it takes time to give the result.

What is SEO and how does it increase website traffic?

You need to know How SEO website can help to get success. The accurate optimization help to get the traffic.

Is SEO a stress-free job? How is it as a long-term career?

If you don't have an interest then it is not. Yes, you can take as long term career. You will learn so many things while working and will able to join some other IT related field. I feel so good while working.

What is a new strategy for SEO 2019?

SEO 2020 helpful post regarding this. Have look and learn.

What are Head Terms Keywords vs Long-Tail Keywords?

The head term keyword used in the title and has so much competition. whereas long-tail keywords are business specific and target the right audience with an exact match.

Is black hat SEO not good for a long-term SEO strategy?

Yes, So avoid it.

What is organic SEO traffic?

SEO means is organic traffic that comes through the search engine.

Why does SEO take so long?

Because it takes time to optimize and give results.

Does a short term link have any long term SEO value?

Yes, but with very good content.

How long does it take organic SEO to take effect?

One year at least.

What is the impact of duplicate content on SEO long term?

Get penalized within the short term.

How to explain the SEO ROI to a client?

It depends on sustainability and traffic.

How long is SEO required, and what if SEO is stopped?

This question asked when someone is new in this industry. Don't worry you have a lot of things to do.

Which is better for the brand, SEO, or PPC in the long run?

SEO is good.

Why is SEO important for your business growth?

Make a digital presence to get more traffic.

What SEO strategies have worked for you?

A keyword SEO marketing strategy post can help you with this.

What is the first SEO activity of a new website?

Find the category and do keyword research.

Is SEO a seasonal business?


What are the benefits of SEO for small business?

Growth hacking technique.

How can we increase SEO traffic in 30 days?

With quality content with good optimized SEO.

How does SEO work at Google?

How effective is SEO in increasing sales?

Very effective but with good content.

Which is better SEO or SMO?

SEO but SMO compliments it.

What is SEO in terms of a blog or a website?

Same but website has more do to.

Does it pay to invest in SEO for Google?

Good work definitely.

Is it helpful to use Facebook ads for SEO?

That is a different work. You can not boost SEO performance by doing Facebook ads.

Which is better organic or paid SEO?

Paid SEO is the ads, not SEO.

Is it compulsory to do SEO for a website?

If you don't want traffic then the answer is No.

Is SEO really a waste of money?

No, companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and BigBzaar using this.

Which is better for the growth of my business - SEO or PPC?

Both have their own importance but PPC gives you instant results.

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