What IS SEO Content Template?

Content is king but without the right "SEO content template" does not make sense for user and search engine crawler. Facing the trouble to boost the content in search engine then read this article to see weakness in your content.

Many bloggers who are working better on the web have much knowledge to get the attention of the visitor. We know that if users are not satisfied with the first impression they will not come to your website or blog.

So your web page should appeal for reading. The format of the design easy to notice the information that you want to tell the readers.

In the next step, I am going to discuss some points that will help you with what you have to care about.

SEO tags friendly

SEO tags are mainly responsible for your search engine crawler understanding. Without it, your content is a simple text that has no meaning for the search engine.

First of all, I am talking about basic SEO fundamentals. You might know about it if you are a beginner in the SEO field.


The very first line of this post on the top is the title of this article. It is the first line where the crawler sees the keyword of the search query. Be short and descriptive to the keyword when you are writing the topic heading.

Meta description

The second location where the search crawler sees the keyword after the title. Create a unique and clickable with the interest of the audience. 

Because of search engine might index your web page but you are not getting the right response to your website. The reason for this, users are not impressed with the description that you have given.

This is not only responsible for ranking. Google has some other ranking factors. You also have to care about them. 


When you are writing your keyword in title and description at that time you also put the keyword in URL. That will tell the crawler the page has well optimized for the keyword. Keep it short and understandable for search engines and audiences.

Content word

How look like your words in the content? This is the question when we write any post. The answer is to keep them simple and understandable for the audience. Don't try to add any word that looks like a keyword and has no proper description within the content.

For example, you are adding too many keywords in the post to tell the search engine that you have much information. This will not gonna work.

You have to describe every keyword with a satisfying amount of words. Otherwise, it will work negatively for you. Also, this type of word style gives a bad experience for the readers. 

Why you want to do this? Keep your audience in your mind what they are expecting from you.

Hope this will help you.

Content PPT

This point is for the video content. Suppose you are making videos for the audience. You can add some slides with your video presentation.

I know there are many other ways that you can do with video while editing it. For example, if you want to add infographic then you have to speak with your body language.

This will create more engagement. This is up to you how you can tell better about the topic.

Storytelling content

The time has gone when you see the content on the internet that has so much information but the relation of words or statements not understandable.

For example, you have so many paragraphs and they don't have a relationship when users read from top to bottom.

I think you got my point what I am trying to say. When you make your content like a story then it creates engagement with users. All content writers want this.

Because it helps you to reduce your bounce rate and increase average time on the website. This is a positive signal.

When you try to copy someone you miss this and that's why you don't get ranking. Always put your effort into the content. Your hard work definitely will pay you.


You should have the comment section so that you can communicate to the audience question. You get this option on every platform like Blogger and WordPress.

What else you can do more. You can start live chat with the audience. If you have a team then you can build this. People love to get a satisfying answer.

You will also get business if you are doing what customer is expecting from you.

Algorithm friendly

You have to think somewhat technical. Is your content understood by robots? Google crawler indexes the content that meets the SEO requirements.

What you have to care about in this section?

You have to create content in a proper format. I am writing the syntax for it.

Title of post

Description of post


Body of post
Heading tags H2, H3
Give the Conclusion where it requires.

Note: Your web page content should describe the Title of Post. 

Information gathering

If you want to collect information add form with good design. Your form should not load slowly. Convince the audience to fill the form so that you can make decisions with the provided data. 

For example, if you get the email then you have the advantage to reconnect with them and can tell about future posts and offer. Now we are living in a world where data is most important.

With the help of data science the big companies generating more business. So keep your data securely. 

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

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