SEO Marketing Strategy

Want to know the SEO marketing strategy for the content ranking in the search engine then you should know the way to understand keyword marketing. That will help you to rank the keyword.

Keyword research is very important to get ranking for any searched keyword in the search engine. Getting the business through your content keyword is known as keyword marketing.

First of all, I will provide you steps for the marketing strategy for the keyword.

11 Marketing strategy for keyword

  1. Do keyword research.

  2. Concentrate on the keyword.

  3. Write a subtopic for the keyword.

  4. Give the right answer within the content and do content optimization.

  5. Analyze the query for the satisfaction of the audience.

  6. Cover the related information that might be helpful also.

  7. Avoid keyword stuffing.

  8. Write a sufficient amount of words for every keyword.

  9. Ignore the irrelevant keywords.

  10. Make quality words than quantity.

  11. Use keyword finding tools. Check this in the first step if you not sure.
You should have a plan for how to market your content. It is your way to get the business by marketing the keyword through your content. 

The most important thing is the implementation. Once you have researched so much information and got the knowledge from it but you are not implementing. This is the biggest mistake by you. 

Start with the project that makes you happy to do. The reason behind this, you will feel happy only in that project in which you have a very good knowledge and it does not make you boring.

Quality versus Quantity

It is a common but very good question. I want to share my knowledge and experience. Quality is more important than quantity.

When you are a content marketer then you know about this.

I asked a question on the webmaster help forum and got the answer by Google product expert.

I am sharing my email screenshot so that you can understand.

Quality versus Quantity

You can see in the image that Suzanneh said that a high-quality blog with only 25 posts can work better than 1000 posts in the Google search.  Also she clear that 10 words are sufficient if you answered the query rather than you are writing so many words for that but the user did not get what he wants. I hope this will make you more clear about quality versus quantity.

You can see this post I am covering all the information that compliments to the answer. The beginner content maker can learn from this.

When I read something on the internet to find something. If I found the information that I want I will feel happy. And if I got my answer from the two websites but one was has something that is not related to that query.

Apply this same situation for you and think about what will happen. You will love the website that saved your time. Moreover, you will love to go next time on that website. That is a very positive signal to the search engine for that website.

You should know SEO marketing If you want to come into this field. For your motivation, I have already written a post about the website's success. In this post, I covered the two successful gentlemen, Neil Patel, and Brain Dean.

How they gain success with keyword ranking. The answer is well-written content with optimized SEO.

You can also do this. Stay motivated and work smartly. Moreover, if I talk about advertisement then the keyword is also important.

You have to decide which keyword can work better for your business so that you can get more customers via digital ads. It can be on Google, Bing, and Facebook, etc.

For your help, I advised you to hire a good company to handle your ads. Because everyone cannot run the ad successfully without proper knowledge.

Traditional marketing is different from digital marketing. Where we sell the product door to door or by doing camps or in agencies. I have written something in short about it that you can see in the link.

I think I have covered your question as I mentioned in the title.

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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