SEO Marketing - What it is and How To Do?

SEO marketing can be categorized in two ways. It can be content marketing or marketing SEO services. I will talk about both for your clarity.

What is SEO marketing?

Actually, You can understand this in two ways. If I talk about only SEO Market then you will get an idea about what I am talking about in the SEO industry.

SEO Specialist does the On-Page and OFF-Page optimization of your business website. If you don't know these terms then what is SEO is a helpful article for you. I suggest you read it and then come back to this post and continue your reading.

This market is playing a very effective role in the digital industry.

Ok, next I am coming to the next point that adding the ING to the second word of the first point and it becomes marketing.

Take an example of me I am providing SEO services means I am doing SEO Marketing. Now you have a clear idea of what is the difference between both.

Hope I gave the detail about what you are looking at this page. I am also explaining related things. Read all for better knowledge.


  1. Boost your online presence.

  2. Help to get leads means interested customers.

  3. Organic traffic.

  4. Saves advertising Budget.

  5. Gives competition to your competitor.


  1. It takes time to implement.

  2. Once implemented takes time to give the result.

How SEO marketing works?

Suppose you don't have your business website. You want to develop. For this purpose, you need a website developer. After completion of the site, you are required to do its SEO.

First of all, the SEO guy will understand your business. He will make his strategy according to your business need then he will plan how he can represent your quality services.

A good SEO guy also provides you information about what you are lacking in your business and he will tell you the improvement that you can make to develop your brand Goodwill. 

Maybe the SEO agency has worked before a similar project like you. So their team has the knowledge and experience of how better they can do for your project.

For your information, if you don't know how to hire SEO Expert or Agency then I have written a post about SEO services. I suggest you read this. You will get information about how to hire an SEO guy and how you can trust the SEO company.

Moreover, you will also be guided if you are deceived by the previous company. Remember I also offer SEO service.

Why you need it?

Now you know its working and still thinking why you need SEO. Above I have told you the advantages of this. You can understand how it can benefit you.

Most of the people are searching for business and services like you on the internet. So why you are not want to be there. I suggest you, do this and complement it with the SEO.

Moreover, don't forget to get your local listing provided by Google if you meet their guidelines.

How Google My business works?

The answer is, it is based on location and it helps you to get local customers when they search on the Google search engine.


I have written some posts about marketing the content. So I am sharing the links that will give you an idea of how you can do marketing.
These blog posts will help you to understand marketing with the content and optimization for them. It is important that you know about marketing the keyword.

As you know the keyword research is the first step when you start the website or blog. Without adding value keyword that is search by the particular type of audience, you can not survive in SEO marketing that is based on the business of the content. 

In other words, it is getting the business through your article or posts on your website. Now the question is how you can market it.

As I said the keyword is most important while your writing your article. 

If you checked my all links then you know the way of content writing and how you can promote them. Once you have written your content it will be analyzed by the crawler. 

Be good with your content so that the crawler can understand your way of explaining. For this, I am telling some point.

Note: My URL MP-For-SEO means Marketing Plan for SEO

Google crawler checklist

  • Good HTML practices.

  • Proper use of SEO tags.

  • Use compress images because of page speed.

  • Code management for CSS like deffer unused CSS.

  • Alt text for images.

  • Descriptive URL, Title, and description which is the part of Tags used in SEO.

  • Sitemaps from where crawlers get the URLs.
I am sharing Google Statement.
Web Crawlers:Really simply, web crawlers get content off the web for search engines. Web crawlers operate by following links from site to site, downloading the pages they encounter and storing them for later use. Complex algorithms then sort and analyze the downloaded webpage copies to update Google Search Engine results. The main web crawler Google uses is called Googlebot.
As Google said it stores the pages and Google algorithms do sorting and analyze them. So while you are making the content keep this in mind. It will pay you in the future.

Marketing SEO services

The second way to understand this post is marketing SEO Services. The first step you need to do is make your brand identity on the search engine. Because the customer will ask you to show your own project to verify your success.

It is very important to stay in the industry.

To keep your position provide the right information and with some good links. Also, customer satisfaction is more important. Otherwise, you will not get a big client. Any wrong work with a client will make you in trouble with legal matters.

If you are learning from this blog you will find the link to submit the legal appeal against fraud company. I have given on another post.

Marketing plan

Company advice

  • Register your brand.

  • Follow the legal guidelines given by the government.

  • Adhere to Google Guidelines and any other search engine.

  • Make a quality product and good services.

  • Organize the event to spread knowledge and get more sales.

  • Make a strong digital profile for online customers.

  • Get feedback after the sales or providing services.

  • Work on your weakness notice by the customers.
If you are in the blogging field then you don't need registration. Just buy your domain name and hosting. That is sufficient for your online blogging career. 

Work advice

  • You have to make your own identity. So do unique and different work as possible. 

  • Don't copy anyone. Take inspiration from others.

  • Keep a good SEO content template.

  • Follow an expert in your niche and read good articles.

  • Stay motivated

  • See what your competitor is doing and you can provide the best from them.

  • Keep a healthy competition.

  • Keep patience because in this industry result takes time.

SEO marketing and social media

Marketing on the internet is a major part of the business. With SEO marketing and social media, both can make good results for your business. Most of the traffic nowadays is on social networks. So why not track them there.

How to push my SEO marketing through social media?

  • Create a social media page. 

  • Fill all required information by networking website.

  • Start with the registered brand.

  • Offer quality service.

  • Do engagement with regular posts but not do in a single day. Keep difference in posts.

  • Make informative posts.

  • Offer some discount within the time difference or on special days.

  • Add video content.

  • Do some live events like seminars and share them on the social media page.

  • Respond to the audience's comment.

  • Make some questions and ask for feedback.
Which social network is good for marketing and SEO?

Social networking quality websites.
  • Instagram for images and videos.

  • Facebook for all things.

  • Twitter is for professionals
Read my other posts to get more knowledge on SEO and be updated with SEO basics.

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