How To Do Topic Research?

Are you a content writer or a blogger who is self-employed then you are aware of topic research. As a beginner, you might not have the knowledge about it. But I will try to convey the basic idea behind it and the steps you need to follow.

On the internet, if you want to tell the audience about your expertise or some skills you want to teach or might be you are an entertainer or want to spread knowledge on the specific topic.

Then blogging is the best option. Now the question is how to write the article or post. First of all, make sure that you are an expert in the unique field. After that make the steps for writing articles.

Checklist for topic research

  • Choose the category.

  • Be an expert on that category.

  • Read other websites.

  • Follow the expert on that category.

  • Enhance the knowledge by watching the video done by others.

  • Get into deep and research more.

  • Do practical work and share the experience.

  • Read books to get more information.

  • Find "searching keyword".

  • Notice the trend.

  • Keyword analysis and write information about them.

  • Make reviews.

  • Discussion about controversial topics.

Topic research tips

Once you sure about your niche then research what is trending in the market. Pick that one related to your field and write the post.

Also, if you know your field then you will not face difficulty what you have to write next once you started writing content.

Get into deep into the category of blog or website. I told you above already make the list of titles you want to include in your blog. After that, find the sub-topics for that title and that will become another topic to write.

Also, this will help you to enrich your content with good text. What else can help you more about finding the topic? 

When you do the keyword research then you will found what is related to that keyword. You have to pick that related information and make them a topic of your next article.

One thing more that you can do. Find the websites that are the same as your website means that have the same type of content. 

Look at the content on other sites and get an idea from them. See what they have not covered on the particular topic and what you don't have on your content but your competitor has.

Do analysis and make notes for what you have to add on your blog.

Note: Don't copy content from other sites. It will not create uniqueness also you will be penalized by Google algorithm for plagiarism.

Do some questions on the site and make them an article. You can also discuss the case studies related to the category you chose.

How your content template looks like? This is important when you choose the topic and decided to write it.

The right structure of the article encourages the user to read the article and also technical implementation help the search engine to understand the content.

5W and How To strategy

5W means five types of question that starts with what, why, who, where, and when. 

I am giving an example of it.
  1. What is SEO?

  2. Why you need SEO?

  3. Who can do SEO?

  4. Where you can do SEO?

  5. When you need SEO?
Next is How To strategy.

You have cover all possible how to question related to the term. So that you can create another topic or can increase the volume of content.

Topic research tool

SEMrush providing the tool for it that will help you regarding this.

SEMrush Topic research tool

Use the SEMrush topic research tool and get ideas to write winning content as said by SEMrush.

I hope I addressed your query. Have any further question ask me in the comment.

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

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