Web Page SEO - Basic Step Of Optimization

Web page SEO involves the work for each page on the website. You should focus on each page of the site equally. User experience counts the most by Google. A happy user is your returning user and pays for you in the ranking.  

That means your Google ranking will be trusted through this signal. Covering the information for a targeted keyword is most important for content. I have some questions, through that I will explain you to more.

Web page SEO question-answer

What is SEO in web development?

Definitely, when you are coding the structure of the website you should make sure how your web pages can be index in search engines. Give access to crawlers and make web content understandable through the URL. 

What is SEO on a website?

You need to learn SEO for it.

What is SEO web design?

The structure of the website that follows the rule of SEO in order to get index by a search engine.

What is the role of webpage content in SEO?

Content is king when the user is happy. So your quality content helps the SEO work through SEO content optimization

What is SEO audit & SEO score?

The work to verify the SEO optimization is the SEO audit. Whereas SEO score is the performance of your optimization and in other words how SEO friendly your site structure and content to the Googlebot or any other bot. You can use a lighthouse extension for chrome. It will tell you about the site speed and your score for SEO.

What is the SEO-friendly website content size?

SEMrush recommends according to the keyword. You can explain the topic in 1000 to 1500 words. But sometimes it is good if you answer within 500 words with some good links.

What are the best topics for SEO ranking on the webpage?

The topic should be related to the site category. Read my post about topic research. You will get a deep idea by reading this.

What is SEO ranking?

Getting the rank for a well-optimized keyword in the search engine.

What is an SEO administrator?

A person who has the work privileges to edit the website for SEO. 

How to design an SEO-friendly web site structure?

Google's John Mueller said.

In general, I’d be careful to avoid setting up a situation where normal website navigation doesn’t work. So we should be able to crawl from one URL to any other URL on your website just by following the links on the page.
Moreover, he said.
If that’s not possible then we lose a lot of contexts. So if we’re only seeing these URLs through your sitemap file then we don’t really know how these URLs are related to each other and it makes it really hard for us to be able to understand how relevant is this piece of content in the context of your website. So that’s one thing to… watch out for.
Quote, source SearchEngineJournal.com.

Moreover, see the first question on this post. what needs to care of by a web developer.

Is changing your webpage title bad for SEO?

No, but it takes time to show in the search result and if the URL is already in the index. Wait for the next crawl.

How to check if SEO on my web page is done?

Check this in the lighthouse extension. See my report.

Lighthouse result report for mssalotra.com

Will a 100% content change on a page affect SEO?

Yes, you will get ranking for new edited content. 

How to rank a website in the USA by doing its SEO from India?

Get backlinks from the USA based websites. But keep in mind how your website is important for the USA audience. Is your result is making sense to the Google query. Users ignore the site if found not relevant and further no visit from the same IP address. That tells your site don't have the returning visitor from the particular location.

Also, any USA website, from you want backlink then they will ensure that your link has relevance to their audience. I hope you are clear about it. 

What is the top SEO web spider for unlimited web pages?

Googlebot is a crawler that accesses unlimited web pages.

How can website design affect SEO?

Google always gives importance to users. So a user-friendly site that has easy navigation and contentwise looks fine. Good for SEO perspective.

What is the website analysis SEO tool?

How to write SEO-friendly content for a website?

Work on content optimization with a good SEO content template and focus on user experience for good results

What is the process of On-page SEO and off-page SEO?

See the second question on this post and in the answer click on the link that will show you information about SEO and this page has a link to what is SEO on the top of the page. Go there and learn it.

What is the difference between SEO analysis and an SEO audit?

There is no difference.

How to increase my SEO score?

Use SEO tags and do optimization with them.

How to check SEO website problems?

Use Google Search console.

What is an SEO-friendly URL?

Descriptive and that is using a hyphen ( - ) for separating the words in URL. Moreover, short in length.

What are the SEO mistakes that ruin website visibility?

How to go about doing SEO for a client's website?

Analyze the client's business. What they need and what kind of audience they have and how you can target them. Put yourself in the project understanding.

What's the best website to check my SEO?

SmallSeoTools.com is good to use.


SEO takes time to give you results. So you need patience and do good work. Moreover, think smartly. Moreover, you can explore this blog to get more information.

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