White Hat SEO Misconception

Knowledge is the key to success. But people have a misconception about what hat SEO. Where the black hat SEO is confusing the beginner in the SEO industry.

Using the white hat technique is a good SEO practice. It works for long term SEO results.

What is white hat SEO?

The genuine work according to the guidelines of Google and any other search engine. This process helps the crawler take as a good website. But make sure you are technically right. It takes time but the results will make you happy.

Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Basic SEO techniques to follow

  • Unique content.

  • Layout difference from competitors.

  • Add extra features in the market.

  • Quality of content and service.

  • Proper use of SEO tags.

  • Easy navigation with fast loading pages.

What's the difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO?

Black is the shortcut but no long term result whereas white gives long term result but need proper attention to secure from the search engine policies violation. Moreover, read the post about the Black hat SEO and White hat SEO link that I have given above.

Brian Dean's example:

Brian Dean's view about white hat SEO

In the image, you can see Brian Dean's view about white hat SEO. His personal experience indicates the good performance of it in the Google search engine.

What are a few essential white hat SEO techniques and methods?

Doorway pages and Sneaky Redirect must avoid. Also, never use cloaking on the website.

Actionable methods

  • A right understanding of keyword research.

  • Analyzing the relation with the keyword.

  • Analyzing the relation of keyword with content words.

  • Focus on mobile-first indexing.

  • Use local listing. Claim your business in GMB(Google My Business).

  • Use of AMP pages.

  • Use of structured data testing tool.

Is it always important to follow white-hat SEO tactics?

Yes, you should practice all the options.

Is Yoast SEO considered a white hat SEO?

Yes, it is trusted by the SEO community.

How to get more traffic with a white hat SEO technique?

The white hat gives a good signal to Googlebot. A good user experience reduces the bounce rate and increases the average time on the website. That helps to stay in Google ranking.

User experience booster technique

  • Use the storytelling feature.

  • Build quality content.

  • Use easy readable and understandable words.

  • Fulfill keyword with a sufficient amount of words.

  • Target only relevant links for external and internal.

  • Aim of the user's satisfaction.

  • Build trust with users.

  • Quality services build the brand.

What are the limitations of black hat SEO?

The short term results and gets penalized by Google. It is a wastage of time and effort done by you.

How many types of white SEO's are there?

It is itself a type and does not has further categories. But can be said that it is simple and technical as well.

Is White Hat SEO real?

Yes, it is.

What are some white hat SEO techniques for building links?

Get a link from good domain authority sites. Also, make good internal links for good user experience. You can ignore inbound links.

What is the impact of White Hat SEO on a website?

More traffic and sales you will get.

Is black hat SEO good in the long run?

No. Good to avoid for long term success.

What are the main tools of white hat SEO?

Your well-optimized SEO content with good quality is itself a tool. Nothing else you need. Use SEO tools to help yourself.

What will the black hat SEO scope and salary be in the future?

Learn the white hat for career success but you should also have the knowledge about the black hat. Salary may vary according to knowledge and the company you chose.  You can also start freelancing work.

What is the difference between Black Hat SEO and negative SEO?

Negative is that has abusive or child misguiding content.

What are some black-hat SEO that can be used on Blogger?

Nothing but you can mess up your content by wrong practices.

What is the use of gray hat SEO?

Quote by me
Actually, the gray hat that does not look properly black. This technique trying to fade the black shade. Similarly mixing the black hat techniques on a website that actually not recommended and try to claim it is like a white hat. But actually, it is caught by algorithms.
Facing problem in understanding. Be clear with black hat strategies and read the link given in answer to question number 2. Read Wordstream.com article. If you still not clear.

Is black hat SEO legal or illegal?

Legal, but when caught by Google algorithm will hurt you. So never use it. Adhere to Google guidelines.


In conclusion, I must say don't waste time do shit things that will not help to sustain your position. You are in SEO marketing that has so much competition. So be good at your brand monitoring. Always make a good SEO website.

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Popular posts from this blog

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