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Sometimes people not aware of basic things about Google search working behavior and common confusion related to it. I have some Google search questions and answers in this post to clear your thoughts. I will also share some tips that you can follow to improve your user experience and search visibility.

How does SEO work at Google?

Before answering you need to watch the video where Matt Cutts explained how Google search works. This is not enough you got all. Watch one more valuable video about Google search.  

Google search by Matt Cutts

Here you will understand the working style of Google search engine. The next part is related to SEO. Google crawls the web pages and picks some of them and then decide to show in Google SERP by watching the Page rank of shortlisted pages. Google has 200 factors to decide the page rank. 

Matt Cutts said the links from the website that has a reputation in Google is the signal to give page rank to the linked page. You have to keep this in mind while doing SEO.

Google also checks for an updated version of the page. So Instead of writing some new URL that is similar to the existing one on your website. Update the existing URL with fresh information. This will keep your rank until Google is not found the best from your web page.

Moreover, try to answer the query by the Google user. So he can trust on your website. There are some points you have to cover through the Google search console. Where you can tell about your updated page.

I have written a post about SEO. Go through and learn. But keep in mind Google value the user's trust. So the user experience is most important for Google. 

If you are newly writing the content and started the blogging then you have to work hard to dominate the websites that are already in rank.

In simple wording, Google analyzes the content with SEO Tags. Those give information about your data on a web page. Title, description, and URL are the indication for query match. Means requested keywords are divided or mentioned in three-part of your page. 

This is the first step then Google sees the already related keywords within your content and they have explained well or not. 

Note: Keep in mind that I have said in some other posts you have to write sufficient word for the keyword and you are advised to write as long as possible. But more words with no relation to the keyword are a bad experience for the user. Do some answers with accurate wording even it is short. Google trust in the truth given by you and user behavior is the signal of your good work.

What I am explaining?

I am trying to give you the right information and not including any of myth in this post. If you want to stay remain in search or want to come in search results then your work is only the way that can help you. There is no shortcut to success. 

It takes time to do research and then writing the story. If your user found your information is wrong then the user will never come to your site. Even you will get reported to Google. Google does manually checkups on websites if the algorithm gives the signal to do. 

Think in your mind if the user found the keyword on the website as suggested by the search engine. And when he is struggling to find the exact answer. How was the experience?

Read-only from the trusted sites. So that you never misguided with wrong information. Post content template also responsible for your work. Google also sees the layout structure of the page.

Robots.txt also demand to take care. I have explained in the short about crawling, indexing, and robots.txt directive. A technical SEO post will help you with this. Images on this post are important and say a lot of words. 

Ask me a question in a comment if you're not clear with any of statement.

What is the difference between SEO and webmaster?

SEO and webmasters are both separate. But it is good if you have knowledge about both. You can better understand what you need to correct suggested by webmaster. I have experience of both and any of issue given on my website can resolve because I know where I have an issue and why.

In the companies, SEO specialist and webmaster specialist both are the unique job profiles.

What are the latest search engine guidelines for SEO?

Google guidelines about SEO are given under the webmaster guidelines.

What is the Yoast SEO on the Google Search Console?

Yoast is the SEO tool and has no relation with GSC. It recommends you to do the right SEO format. 

How can website design affect SEO results on search engines?

You don't need so many graphics and any stunning things with website design. Keep it simple and easy to understand your website structure. Moreover, easy to load and don't use unwanted code on your website.

Keep your domain clean. Fast speed is the major factor of Google ranking.

Is the Google Analytics tool best for SEO?

Yes, you can understand your audience's behavior. Which further help you to take SEO friendly decision.

Can Google Voice Search affect SEO rankings in any way?

Yes, in the future you will see lots of changes regarding voice search in Google. But keep in mind voice disturb the people around you. So in this situation, you will happy to find information by typing.

From a business point of view, it can help. Get an example of a Google Assistant. When you want to book a restaurant then it does automatically just verifying some questions. Hope this will help.

Do Google AdWords help in SEO?

Yes, you can use keyword planner in Google Ads to check the keywords.

What is indexing in SEO?

Any page in SERP is listed through the indexing procedure. You can better understand from the video links I have shared in the first question. 

What is cloaking in SEO?

Long term SEO

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

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