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People look at the benefits of PPC over SEM, SEO. Moreover, some have doubts about CPC vs PPC. So I am explaining it in this post.


SEO is a long term process and PPC gives instant results. It depends upon your requirement what you have to choose.

They both have importance for their own purpose. You can not say SEO is not important if PPC gives a quick result. Keep in mind. Advertisement wants money for every time. But SEO gives long results once implemented in a good way.

Whereas SEM is a part of digital marketing that can be done through content marketing, display ads, and text ads in the search engine. And both types of ads handle with PPC.

Note: Google Adwords is not part of SEO. It is the tool that helps the content maker to research the keyword.

So what is PPC?

An attribute of the advertisement which helps to understand the cost of per click. In other words, we can say it to CPC. That determines the cost for your ad clicks that you need to pay for all qualified impressions. 

It is all about paid traffic.

SMM is social media marketing which also based on the followers on a particular type page. You can run your ads on a platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

What is the scope of PPC (Pay Per Click) in an SEO world?

You can not target any ad with PPC if you don't have any SEO oriented destination that can be a website or blog. Even you can promote your social media page.

Is SEO or pay-per-click best for CPA?

Yes, both. When you reach your audience with organic traffic then it is SEO result. You don't need to pay for it. but if getting service for it from the company then you have to pay.

Cost per action(CPA) has two scenarios. First is, you are getting paid for the audience if you have an ad on the content. Your revenue is generated via ads that are chargeable to an advertiser for each action performed on an ad that can be said cost per action.

It can be impressions or clicks.

Before continuing on social media, you need to optimize the page where you want to send your audience. It can be done with the help of SMO(Social media optimizer).

What is pay-per-click management?

You need a certain course to become a specialist in PPC. For example, Google partner program that helps you to manage the Google Ads. So read the Google official article for Google partner sign up.

What is the difference between paid search ads and PPC?

PPC is used in each advertisement. It is the part of the calculation but paid search ads are the definition of the name itself.

Which is better for a brand, SEO or PPC in the long run?

SEO is used for the long run and but PPC does instant awareness about the brand.

What is the difference between PPC and Adword?

Adword is used for advertisement tool for Google Adwords that is now Google Ads. All ads are based on Pay Per Click.

Does a PPC affect SEO traffic?

If your brand gets popular then organic traffic automatically boosts. You can note your direct traffic with PPC and see how it is influenced by the ad.

What are the steps for a Successful Pay Per Click Campaign?

I have discussed this in my post display advertising. You can read how you can pay less with successful ads within the post.

Which are the best SEO and PPC websites?

Read my SEO website post and for the PPC website, it depends on website PA that determines the value of the page and which further sets the price of the ad on the page. 

What is the cost per click for organic SEO? (in India)?

It depends on the keyword competition and value in the market. 

What is PPC marketing, and what are its benefits?

The process in which we make ads and display on the digital available platform. Instant promotion and increment in sales are the benefits.

Which is good for a new website, paid campaign or organic SEO?

SEO is good. You will target the right audience to the right destination.

What is the major difference between paid and organic SEO?

Both require time and money but SEO takes more time than the paid traffic. Organic SEO needs money if you are hiring a company or freelancer. If you are doing it by yourself then you need too much time and attention to research and then build the content for your audience that you want to convert into a customer.

Should I change my career from an SEO expert to PPC?

If you are in the digital marketing field then you should know about both. It is your choice which kind of job you want to do. I mean in which work you feel happy and relax.

Does PPC increase SEO ranking?

Yes, it does awareness about your brand. If customers satisfied with your service or product then they will come to you again and again. 

Should PPC marketers know SEO?

Yes, because they have to analyze both user and search engine. A good advertiser knows the good content and can decide where he has to show the ad.

Which is better for a courier website, SEO or PPC?

When you decide to use ads for your business. You will look up the location-oriented result in the search engine and you will bid for that result. It depends upon you which is a possible way for your business. Google My Business has a feature for your business branches. So you can list all offices and services in your account. 

Your brand Goodwill helps you to get business. For the newcomer it is difficult. To make it easy you have to tell the people why you are best from all other available services.

Moreover, the courier website has needs for both.

Do PPC jobs have a future?

Yes, you can become an advertiser for Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and other advertising companies. 

How to start a PPC agency?

I am giving an example of Google Partner. It asks you, are you individual or company when you enroll. Choose a company option and fill out detail about your company. After that do the course. Once you will get the certified badge then you can start advertising for other people.  

For other companies, you have to check the official website of that company.

What's your favorite SEO method?

Keep your code clean as much as you can. First, write the content for the audience and then for search engines. Avoid unwanted plugins and features on the website. Use a good layout that is easy to navigate and read. This kind of content also helps you with your SEO.

Can we do PPC & SEO at the same time?

Before launching your ad, your ad destination should be complete. SEO is for search engine but the content is for users. Moreover, first, complete your project with SEO and then do ads on the project.

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Popular posts from this blog

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