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SEO friendly content and website distinguish you from the market if you have on quality and brand goodwill. Suppose you are writing the good content and through it, you have a good user experience but when it comes to a search engine, it is not properly recognized. So how you can give the right instruction within the content?

I am going to discuss some questions.

SEO friendly Question - Answer

What is SEO friendly content?

The content that is understandable for the crawler. You can say recognizable for search engines. Focus on the right SEO content template. So that can worth for you. The link you will follow, instruct you about the template for the blog layout.

What is an SEO friendly website?

The website has a responsive design with a user expectation oriented layout. Keep in mind technical SEO for beginners is important where most of the beginners do mistakes.

What are SEO-friendly URLs, and why are they used?

The short and descriptive URL that has targeted keyword within it. Because crawlers can understand it and recognize what is your page content.

What is search engine friendly SEO?

The content was written for the right audience with the right keyword but with a satisfying amount of word. In other words, the user should found his answer within the article. Moreover, you should have knowledge about web page SEO. So that you can get a better view of it.

What is SEO, and what is its use?

The search engine optimization by name that boosts and helps to gain more online traffic via a search engine. You can promote your business with it. It is the base of the digital marketing trend.

What is the SEO-friendly website content size?

It depends on the targeted query. You have to answer the user's question. This is the basic funda of writing the content. Talking about the content size it can be 500 words with good internal links. I asked the question of Google help forum and got an answer by Google product expert. 

The answer was, you have to focus on the user's need. Even your 100 posts can perform better from someone else 1000 poor posts.

I am sharing my conversation.

Webmaster SEO question

You can see my email. What I have asked. I am providing the answer to this webmaster's SEO question in the next image.

Webmaster SEO answer

You can note down the message given by Suzanne. I am repeating it if the image is not clear to you. Below quote by Suzanne is to understand the user needs
Quality will always outweigh quantity. So, yes, a very high-quality blog with only 25 posts can outrank a blog with, say, 10000 low-quality posts. Google is looking for high-quality content that answers the user's question. If that's 10 words or 1000 words, it doesn't matter.

Blog SEO Tips: How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts?

Keep my blog in your mind and understand the way of explaining the questions and the layout that does not put in the trouble to find the information. I have easy navigation for the users. So that they can find out the related information through every post. 

I mean to say that the user can have the option to go through my blog posts from the available navigation. Also, every post helps you regarding this.

How to write SEO-friendly content?

Google search-related questions will put something extra in your mind. So go through that. If you already have visited this page via any other post then skip this link. 

Why I am using this layout style?

Because you need it and I am thinking about you how you will want to explore the information. I also got an answer about it through the webmaster help forum. I am sharing it with you. 

Webmaster SEO question

The question is about user experience layout. I got an answer from Neeraj Panday. The answer is in the next image.

SEO answer about user's perspective from webmasters

Keep in mind the user's perspective is most important as said by Neeraj Panday. Google also focus user experience on the website as a ranking signal.

What is SEO for a blog and website?

On the blog, you do optimization for content whereas the website has more customization with layout and structure. So SEO focus on both for a website.

What are the best suggestions to build an SEO friendly website?

  • Target the query

  • Fulfill the user's expectation.

  • Layout with easy navigation.

  • Include more and but related data within the content.

  • Provide something unique from other blogs and websites.

  • Only experienced information should be shared.

  • Avoid your own myth and already on the internet.

  • Read other websites and blogs about SEO. 

  • Be updated with the industry. 

How does Google rank SEO-friendly websites?

  • Google watches what is different on the website. 

  • Is having a unique layout with extra features than other websites.

  • The page speed of the website.

  • Mobile responsiveness.

  • Copyright(DMCA) respect.

  • Author trust.

  • Market image.

  • Quality of service.

  • Brand Goodwill.

  • Google has 200 factors but if you are legally right and doing your best with Google webmaster guidelines then you are ok with any situation like any algorithm update.

What are some SEO friendly WordPress themes?

Keep the above-discussed factor in mind and look around a brand reputation for theme purchase. Tip: Avoid poor plugins.

What do you do to make your writing more SEO-friendly?

Ask the following question to yourself.
  • Am I providing an answer to the query?

  • Am I adhering to Google quality guidelines and avoiding violations like Cloaking, Doorway pages, Sneaky redirects?

  • Use the H1 tag once in the article.

  • Easy navigatable layout.

  • User satisfaction with your answer.

  • Am I technically right from an SEO point of view?

Is .io SEO-friendly?

Yes, any domain with com, org, net, etc. But keep SEO friendly structure of the website.

Which is the best SEO friendly CMS?

Blogger is for blogging and WordPress is for more customization.

How to design an SEO-friendly web site structure?

It depends upon the need of your output of the website that you are looking to get. Do some analysis of the websites that are similar to your business and then plan something unique with extra features.

Are 1-page websites SEO friendly?

Yes, but it is static and can not target multiple queries. Only one page that is about A. Only can target A, not B. Keep difference in mind.

Is the Laravel Framework SEO friendly?

Yes, it has a reputation among the community. It is the PHP Framework for web artisans.

Quote by
What is Web artisan?
Introduction: Artisan is the command-line interface included with Laravel. It provides a number of helpful commands that can assist you while you build your application.
Google result.

Laravel Framework official result in Google.

Laravel official results in Google.

Is Blogger's default templates SEO-friendly?

Yes, don't do your experiment with the official template. See copyright.

Is Coveo Search SEO-friendly? is not so much popular. Do your own research and make contact with them and understand what they fulfill for your needs.

Are HTML tables SEO friendly?

Tables are used to understand data and do not hurt SEO.

What is the best way to SEO a WordPress site?

I think you are a beginner that is why you have a question like this. Read my blog and understand SEO. You will come to know what you have to do on WordPress and you will become more familiar with a plugin like Yoast. 

I don't have a post about it but overall SEO will help you to get through the features of Yoast. Because Yoast help to achieve SEO directly in an easy way.

Are Tumblr blogs SEO friendly?

I personally more prefer to Blogger because it is SEO friendly. I don't have any experience with Tumblr.

What are the SEO audit and SEO score?

Read my post about the content audit.

Is a microniche or niche better for being SEO friendly?

You should have experience in the niche that you are going to take for your blogging.

What are the best tools to generate SEO friendly content?

You can get the help of SEO friendly CMS like blogger and WordPress but you need to do SEO yourself. Yoast can help but you need knowledge about how to use. Before it, you need SEO knowledge. Moreover, tools like SEMrush and Ahref can help to assist your content but still, you need SEO understanding to use them.

Are directory websites SEO-friendly by nature?

Don't put your website in any directory. Directly submit site to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex.

Which tools do you use to write SEO-friendly content?

"SEMrush Writing Assistant" can help you with it.

What is the most SEO-friendly place to host a website?

It depends upon the site to site. Your traffic decides what kind of hosting plan you need. Like shared hosting, virtual private server(VPS) hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Bandwidth increased from bottom to up plans.

Which is the best SEO friendly URL pattern for unique posts?

As I said in the above-starting questions. Short and descriptive.

How to choose an SEO friendly domain?

Short and unique good for brand building. But some of the people target the keyword-oriented domain. Only think about it if it describes your website best.

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