SEO With Hreflang Tag: Target Specific Country

Hreflang Tag tells Google which version of the website should be shown in which country. Essentially it is a way to create a better user experience. Hreflang tag tells the browser which page needs to show. 

You can see in the image downside of Scales is indicating the United state because the page has hreflang="en-us". That means the USA version should be shown in the browser. The upside has the default page which will not be shown in the browser if the country is specified under the hreflang tag. It is used with link rel.

Code Sample

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-us" />

Use of hreflang tag

In the above image, you can see how to set the default country for a page. Learn the better use of the "hreflang tag" from the image. In the answer, the other two options are indicating the UK and Australia.  

Hreflang attribute: Here are the most common mistakes with the usage of hreflang. The following quote is taken from Google. How the search engine behaves.
  • "Missing return links: If page X links to page Y, page Y must link back to page X. If this is not the case for all pages that use hreflang annotations, those annotations may be ignored or not interpreted correctly.
  • Incorrect language codes: Make sure that all language codes you use identify the language (in ISO 639-1 format) and optionally the region (in ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 format) of an alternate URL. Specifying the region alone is not valid."

Hreflang annotations: In the below image you can see the format of hreflang annotations. You need to specify URL language and the URL country for where you want to your web page. You can create your own with hreflang-tags-generator

Hreflang tag generator
Hreflang Tag Generator. My Page does not have any kind of hreflang tag. You can view under the code sample of Heading.

In the above image, you are viewing the hreflang sitemap. You can understand how you have to make an XML sitemap for your site to perform on the country base.

More: You Can read about HTTP Header:

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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