SEO Basics - Test Knowledge With Questions

Grabbing the SEO basic knowledge about from all around But any single basic confusion might put you in trouble when you are doing something big and advanced. To make sure you have proper basic knowledge, I have some basic questions and their answers.

I will boost your confidence by increasing your knowledge.

20 SEO basic answer

  1. Total ranking factor
  2. Number of Google ranking factors

    The total number of Google ranking factors is 200. But Google doesn't reveal them. You have to make sure about your website's quality and trust. User experience also counts.

  3. What are product listing ads?
  4. PLA full form

    PLA's full form is product listing ads. It is also known as Google Shopping Ads, It includes product images, tiles, price, and business name. 

    It is useful for those who want to advertise specific products or product groups. 

    SEMrush has a PLA research article. You can read it further.

  5. What is Slug?
  6. Slug in URL

    Slug is the name of the URL element that is present on every page except the homepage. 



    This part of the URL is the definition of Slug. Read further Yoast article for a slug.

  7. What is the reason for the highest Google ranking?
  8. Reason for the highest Google ranking

    The reason for the highest Google ranking does not only depend on just several main ranking factors. You have to add extra value to the site. So that quality and user experience show positivity for your brand.

  9. What is sitemap XML?
  10. Sitemap XML

    Sitemap XML is the file that contains the URL you want to index in the search engine and the URL is only with status code 200. 

    Multiple sitemaps are used with the "sitemap index" when you crossed the size-limit. 

  11. 301 and 302 redirects
  12. 301 and 302 redirects

    301 and 302 redirects used for permanent redirect and temporary redirect respectively. 

  13. Confusion about Microdata markup
  14. Confusion about Microdata markup

    This is the confusion about microdata markup that it is an automatic method that allows javascript to add schema annotation into the head of the page. 

    This is false. 

    Microdata markup does not do this.

  15. How to separate words in the slug?
  16. Saparate word in slug

    Separating words in the slug. For this purpose, we have the option to use plus sign, slash, and hyphens. Out of the three, the hyphen symbol is the best way that you should use. 

    Moreover, in the image, you will see some other options like colons and dots. Which are not relevant.

  17. Google and Apple reviews
  18. Google and Apple reviews source

    Google and Apple reviews source for rating starts respectively from knowledge panel and Yelp. This is knowledge-based information and further, help you with a product website where you need to add reviews.

  19. Temporarily unavailable error.
  20. Temporarily unavailable error

    Temporarily unavailable error code 503 is shown when something happened wrong for temporarily time. Whereas 200 indicates the page is ok to index. 

    404 used when the webpage is not found. Google doesn't index 404 webpages but if the crawler sees the webpage with 200 code then Google will show that webpage even it is a 404 webpage. 

    About 302 I have told you above.

  21. Best keyword to target
  22. Best keyword to target

    The best keyword to target is that has higher volume searches with low competition. Because you can get web traffic with minimum difficulty. So focus on keyword and answer related questions.

  23. Value factor for a link.
  24. Value factors for a link

    As you saw in the image, we have two value factors for a link. If you are getting a backlink from a high authority website then it has value for ranking. 

    Look domain authority to understand the high authority website. Second, if you and your linking websites are using relevant keywords in the anchor then it will also boost your ranking.

  25. Responsive design.
  26. Responsive design

    Responsive design is used for mobile devices. It modifies the website layout for mobile so that the user can easily see the information provided by the website. 

    Sometimes webpage is not exactly similar to a desktop webpage. But it satisfies the user with presented information on the mobile. Google accepts this webpage.

  27. AMP confusion
  28. AMP confusion

    AMP confusion for beginners. Beginners may be confused with it, and can know it as "Artificial mobile pages", "Agile main page", and "Advance mobile performance". But actually, it known for "Accelerated Mobile Pages".

    Read more about the AMP introduction.

  29. Difference between mobile and desktop results.
  30. Difference between mobile and desktop results

    You can see the difference between mobile and desktop results that results are more focused on local results when you search with a mobile device.

  31. JSON-LD
  32. JSON-LD

    Microdata markup is the manual method where you add in-line schema annotations to the corresponding HTML page elements. When you use JSON-LD javascript fires and insert the markup into the head of the page. 

    Moreover, read structured data.

  33. Mobile website's user experience.
  34. Ways to boost mobile website's user experience

    Ways to boost the mobile website's user experience.

    • Making sure your phone number is clickable.

    • Adjusting your page elements to make them easy to click with fingertips.

    • Making sure your content is easily readable.

  35. Targeting a specific country.
  36. targeting a specific country for URL

    For targeting a specific country for URL, you need a hreflang directive in the header where you can specify the country's language. Also, you can use the country's ccTLD. 

    Both signals help Google to see that your site is targeting a specific country.

  37. What is Important for local SEO?
  38. Important factors for local SEO

    Important factors for local SEO.

    • Localized site content.

    • Mentions your business name, address, and phone number. Also, use Google plus codes on the map.

    • Links from the local website.

  39. Mostly used features of Google search console.
Google search console features

Two features are mostly used by webmasters.
  • Google Position: Discover which queries caused your site to appear in certain positions in search results.

  • Crawling: Make sure that Google can crawl your site.
SEO beginners should know all these basics. Moreover, I have written some posts that can further help you.

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