Website Traffic Sources

We have 4 types of website traffic sources. I will say the name as organic traffic, direct traffic referral traffic, and paid traffic. Organic is good but paid is not good in all ways.

I have some clue for them.

Organic traffic

How your website stats can boost?

Let get the example of SEO that helps you to get extra web traffic on your business website but it is only free if you do by yourself. Any SEO agency will charge you but the level of agency, you can not recognize, if you are new in this industry.

So what you can do?

Keep patience and get knowledge about SEO before hiring an agency. For your information, SEO is based on the keywords of the market. You need to identify them and you should add those keywords related to your business.

Is adding keywords is sufficient?

No, you need unique and quality content with extra features. you got my point.

Still, you need the internal linking of your web pages. So that users can easily find your content. Moreover, backlinks are also required from the authority sites which are based on domain authority level. 

Why I am saying this?

The online audience wants something unique with the extra right information. You have to fulfill their needs. This is a difficult task for beginners. But it can be achieved by experience. So experience comes through learning and practice.

Organic SEO includes

  • Your own quality and unique work.

  • Extra features from the market.

  • Your dedication.

  • Customer satisfaction with your content. In other words, it is the user experience in SEO.

  • Service quality.

  • Engagement with the customer on social networking sites.
You have the above checklist but never forget to apply basic things of SEO.

Social network contribution to organic SEO

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram play a big role to boost your organic traffic. When you post on your Facebook page then you get traffic to your post from your page audience.

The same thing happens with another social networking platform. You have to post on a regular basis but not too many posts are needed for a single day.

Make some engaging videos on Instagram. You can use the Facebook live feature.

Fill all the fields under your page required by the page hosting site. So that user can get you and your brand awareness. Beginners who are not in a team will feel difficult to manage all things. Your dedication can help you to find the solution.

Slowly you can achieve your desired destination. But not in a few months.

Website promotion

Gust posting and commenting on another website with your brand is the way to promote your website legally. is the best option for bloggers.

Note: Spam comments will not be counted for ranking. Your comment will not be published or can be removed by authority sites. So do genuine comments only.

Use of Google Analytics

You can grow your website traffic by understanding your audience's behavior. You can create custom reports in analytics.

You can do web page analysis for any page that is getting traffic.

Analytics view for web page

Analytics view for the web page of my blog post while under construction.

Direct traffic

You have the customers for your physical shop and they know your brand name. When they come to your shop then you provide the product with your brand listing. Where your online presence is given. I mean to say the address of your website. 

So people directly search for your brand website. Moreover, if your business website is popular among your customers then you will get mouth publicity. Which helps you to get direct traffic to your business website.

This type of traffic does not include the search traffic and social traffic.

Example: If my readers directly type my blog name "" in search or in the browser then it is a direct audience.

Referral traffic

If someone is referring to your website on another website or sharing your web page on the social networking sites then it is referral traffic.

Referral traffic in Google

Referral traffic results in Google.

Paid traffic

Suppose you are using advertisements using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, etc. These are the legal way to advertise on the internet. But if you are doing SEO and getting paid links from other sites then it is illegal.

By taking another point of view. When you pay money for SEO to an agency then it is the paid web traffic that helps to get organic results. This is because when you get the right SEO from an agency then your website rank will boost or your website or blog will come in Google search and any search engine.

Paid web traffic means your payment paid to SEO experts of the company and also to the company owner in order to get the right SEO service. Who will pay that money to their employees to manage the further work of the company?

SEO is the regular work that you need to maintain. 

No doubts, you will get more business what you will spend on SEO. It means a positive ROI for you. Where ROI means a "return on investment".

What can do Bloggers?

I am doing blogging and so this post is for bloggers specific. I just tell you the way to do the work. I notice in the market or even on Youtube. Most of the bloggers are not aware of such things when they start their channels.

Even when you start your blog think what is in your blog. So that people can visit and learn that is not in the market yet. May be information you found on some other platforms but I am trying to convey the right message with my experience.

It was not easy, as a beginner for me when I started learning. I found many sites that are not conveying the right message. You can learn a lot of things from this blog.

Success is your destination and it depends on you how you want to design.

You can ask a question in the comment.

Stay Happy

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Popular posts from this blog

SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

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