Meta Description - How To Make?

Description in the search snippet for a specific search result is the meta description for that web page which is now in the search result pages.

Meta description in Blogger

Meta description in Blogger

Note: Google does auto cut for description with Blogger blog. Never put whole page content in the Blogger search description.

Does the meta description tag have any effect on your SEO?

Yes, it gives an idea about the page with the search snippet that the user further wants to read.

How many types of meta tags are there in SEO?

On Blogger available SEO Tags.

See robots.txt directive in technical SEO post.

Note: Don't confuse with it. These are robots meta tags.

Read Meta Tags From

How to use meta tags in SEO?

You need only a few tags if you are a blogger and writing content, I mean article or post. Now Google respects Title and Description tag. But short and descriptive URL has a positive impact on your web page.

Do keywords and meta tags still important and matters in SEO?

No, people play the game with keyword and try to spam in search engine. So this feature is eliminated. Never try the wrong practice. This is recommended to do right and genuine work with your hard work. 

How to create a meta tag & meta description?

On Blogger, you don't need it to do manually. Blogger CMS helps for it.


 <meta charset="UTF-8">

 <meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials">

 /* Use it if you want to add author name in search snippet */

 <meta name="author" content="John Doe">

 /* For responsive width */

 <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">


Blogger doesn't need the above code to add manually. 

In Google Search result

Your meta code will be stored on the backend but on the front end means on the actual web page you can not see it.

Is there any tool to write a meta description?

Yes, make from

Free meta tag generator

Free Meta tag generator. Avoid keyword option.

Can meta keywords and meta description still use in SEO?

Description only. Not keyword.

What are the best ways to use meta tags for website SEO?

Write a true description of the web page. Never use unwanted tags if you are not using a feature about the particular meta tag.

Do dynamic meta tags affect SEO?

No, we don't have this feature in SEO.

What is meta description lengths in SEO?

The character limit for a meta description is 150.

How to submit a meta tag and meta description in the blog?

Write code for Meta tags in the HTML code of the web page.

How many meta tags are important for SEO?

Focus on content. Don't think only about meta tags. Read the SEO content template to understand.

How to add a link in a description in a meta description?

No need. Just focus on main work like writing a post and polishing content and layout for the user's clarity and for a better view of the post.

What is the difference between meta description and snippet?

The snippet is the SERP. That means a single result in Google search is the snippet. By default we have 10 snippets for any query searched in Google.

What are meta descriptions and do they still matter?

Yes, it matters. Read the full post to get a more right understanding.

How to increase the meta description character limit to 320?

It depends on Google. Once you are verified as a good publisher then you can Google can get your accurate and meaningful description. By default, the description limit is good to describe your web page.

What is the method to update meta tags in SEO?

It varies from platform to platform. On Blogger, it is easy to change title and description but restricted to good quality updates.

Does the meta title directly influence SEO?

Yes, it is the attraction of visitors.

How to write a good meta description content for SEO purposes?

Keep your page motive in the description.

Can I change the meta description of the author's page?

Yes, but keep in mind why you want to change it multiple times.

Can we copy-paste one meta description for all pages?

No, it is the wrong practice.

Does Google increase the length of a meta description?

In certain cases up to 320 characters.

What is the importance of heading tags, meta tags, image alt?

You can specify the hreflang tag in the header tags. The alt tag is a must for images and meta descriptions I have already explained.

Should I remove the keywords meta tag or keep it?

If you have then Google is not fetching your keyword. It is up to you want you to want.

What is the reason for not indexing my meta description?

Google takes time to change the previously indexed data. So keep patience.

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