Blogger SEO: Site Audit On Blogger

Blogger SEO and auditing the correctness while developing the blog is the key to "right optimization". I am sharing, what you can do at your blog.

Blogger basic settings

Blogger basic settings

Blogger basic settings

Title and description are must and change privacy to "visible to search engines" after developing the blog.

Blogger Post Settings

Blogger's post settings

Blogger's Post Settings
  1. Set Descriptive Label.

  2. Set a schedule for posting a post.

  3. Your automatic and custom URL for the post.

  4. Set location if your post is location-specific.

  5. A search description is a meta description for the post.

  6. Leave as it is until you need to "Interpret typed HTML" option.

  7. Save it as default but you can modify if you need it. Read robots.txt directives for their meaning.

Blogger Search Preferences Settings

Blogger search preferences settings

Blogger search preferences settings

For custom redirects, you are advised to use if you don't want to break the deleted post for other websites that are giving you a backlink.

Custom robots.txt and custom robots header tags have a bad effect if used in the wrong way. So be aware when you are using it. You can leave as default.

URL Setting

Descriptive URL
Use a descriptive URL to perform accurate SEO with a crawler web page analyzer.  

Note: Never try a long URL that has no meaning in the form of sense.

Ask if you have any doubt.

Stay Happy

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