SEO Vocabulary - Basic Words Of SEO

The SEO Dictionary that has words about SEO vocabulary with meaning. This is not enough to read if you are a beginner. You need to read the whole blog that I have written.

Quality Content

Which content has some meaning to its readers and provide the knowledge that they are looking for. It should be descriptive and user-friendly.

Keyword research

The first step when you are going to write an article. Your keyword should be relevant to your topic of an article.


The links that are coming from the other sites to your site. These links help Google to understand the trust on your site with high-quality backlinks means from a well-known site that has a link to your site. 

Outbound Links

Any link on your site that is pointing to another website. It should be relevant to your content.

Page Rank

Any web page that is listed in the Google search result has a page rank according to user trust and more linked to other websites. 1 is the best and when you count further its value effect decreases. That means more than 10 number has a low rank and listed on the second page of search results.


Any word in the Google query has the keyword. It can be a long tail or short but results are shown according to data match on the website for a particular keyword. But Google algorithm makes sure the web page has all relevant and related data that has covered all aspects of the keyword.

Long-tail keyword 

A Google query that has more than 4 words known as this type of keyword.

SEO Tools 

Those help to grow your site quality like Google Search Console, Google Analytics. Keyword Planner and some other paid tools like SEMrush, Ahref, and MozBar are examples of it.

Keyword Density 

This is the percentage of the words for a particular keyword. Your one keyword should include the satisfying data for user and Google Algorithm too.

Keyword Difficulty

The percentage that decides how easy to get rank for a particular keyword is known as with this name. Example: 80 % is more difficult than the 50 %.

In other words, A popular keyword is harder to rank due to its popularity and competition. But it can be achieved with quality and unique content.


It is the attribute that can be added on the post those you want to not follow by Googlebot. So many NoFollow makes a bad effect on the site for organic search.

Organic search 

The traffic that comes through the search engine without paying a single penny. Without getting success in this you are out of SEO.

Anchor text 

This is the text within a hyperlink to direct the user on the relevant page to the post.


This is the spider of Google that crawls the whole web in order to index the pages for search results. More Crawling request for a website is the good signal to rank them.


With this, you can make Yes or No connection with Googlebot in order to crawl your site.

Landing Page

The homepage of the website that is serving whole navigation to the site to explore more.

Bounce rate 

The percentage of leaving the site or in other words who many people leave your site due to a bad experience. It should less. You have work on it to reduce.

Search Friendly URL 

The URL that is descriptive and short. It helps the crawler to understand your page content.

High-quality content

The content which meets all needs of your reader and strongly appealing to a visitor to read it because at the first impression visitor notice that this web page has valuable information. It is a plus point for SEO, that is the result of good user experience.


Traffic is the audience or No. of visitor those are visiting on your website. When you want traffic to your website. You have to think about search queries which will increase your Search engine rankings. This is only possible with Seo friendly post.

Search Engine Results Pages(SERP) 

The results you get when you type any query to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. These are the outcomes of your query.

Domain authority

It is developed by Moz and decides the overall value of the website.

Whereas page authority is specific for page value.

Ranking factors

The golden rule is to follow the guidelines of the Google search engine algorithm. When you are doing search engine optimization(SEO) never trick the Google algorithm. Always follow the white hat SEO strategy.

Note: User experience is most important while the reader(who visited on your blog or website for reading content) is reading your content.

This is the technique that helps SEO work and increases your click-through rate(CTR). It will help you to enhance your pay per click with your reputation.

SEO wrong practices described by Google in the SEO starter guide. Go through to learn more.

You will notice the search engine's result pages that are rank on top, they look different from other sites with extra information.

Never try the black hat SEO. Otherwise, you can not stay long in SERP.

SEO Score

The score that determines the value of your work correctness is known as SEO score. I have analyzed my own blog in the lighthouse extension. You can see the result.

SEO Score

The SEO score is 92. You can see before the progressive web app.

Checklist to get an accurate score

  1. Technical SEO correctness

  2. Internal linking correctness

  3. Content optimization

  4. DA and PA values

  5. Backlink value

  6. URL optimization

  7. Trusted external links

  8. Better use of robots header tags

  9. Redirect correctness

  10. Sitemap correctness

  11. Optimized title

  12. Optimized description

Website optimization 

Optimizing the website with content optimization is website optimization. Content optimization is done by applying SEO rules on the web page.

A collection of a well-optimized web page becomes a well-optimized website. 

Steps to do

  1. Optimize Title

  2. Optimize Description

  3. Optimize URL

  4. Internal linking

  5. Backlink

  6. Storytelling content

  7. Proper use of H2 Tag

  8. Anchor text
More important is you should solve the user's query.

Helpful posts

Youtube SEO

For Youtube SEO you can download a chrome extension from This extension will guide you about the keywords. Also, you can see another channel's target keywords. The best way is not keyword optimization. It depends on the video quality.

Focus on video quality and Engagement

How to maintain the quality of the video? The big question first gets deep knowledge of the topic. Do research for it. You can hire someone to edit the video and you can focus only on presentation. 

If you are doing everything byself, get deep into video editing and explore all features, and do a video with features you feel comfortable. Try to create some creativity in the video. 

Don't pause in videos. This can you achieve only if you are an expert on your topic. You will speak in a flow. This will make engagement. 

Keyword management

Use only that keywords that are relevant. Add keyword in the topic and video tags. You can research with vidiq extension. Only add a few keywords and don't mess up with keywords. 

You are targeting a specific audience so keep clear in your mind which type of audience relevant for which video. It is all done with the keyword. So never choose two types of a keyword.

Use of images and animation

Add images and animation where it is suitable to make more engagement. Images should be clear to understand. The animation should be according to the script of the video. These steps will improve the quality of the video.

Moreover, people can report about if the video is violating.

A viewer can also dislike the channel if you producing poor content.

So make good quality videos.

This suggestion helps to do ranking on Youtube.

SEO business

Doing business with content means online posts known as SEO business. In other words, we can say that the article on the web pages that are monetized by Google Adsense, Bing Ads, or Yahoo Ads earn the money from the online advertisements. 

So this is how SEO business works. This is a competitive market. Everyone does his effort to get success.

Can you start this business

You can start but you need a team if you want to provide SEO services to the client. This is not one-man work. You need content writer, graphic designer, web developer, video maker, SEO guy. With it, you can start this business. 

As an individual, you can do blogging. You need to do content writing, image designing, theme development, and optimize the content with SEO. If you lack any of the knowledge from the SEO part I told. You need to get done from the paid market. This will cost you more if you have very little knowledge. 

How to stable in the market?

To keep yourself in the market provide quality service. Get testimonial from the happy customers and provide them to the customer. Win the customer's believes with this strategy.

What you have to look about an SEO company as a client?

You need to see the past work of the company. How many successful projects they have done? Ask what the company will do for you. Write the steps. Don't focus on one company. First, do the research in the market and then decide to hire.

SEO analysis

Analyzing the web page individually or the whole website and matching the SEO rules correctness. You can say SEO steps that we verify under this process. SEO audit is the step that includes many steps. Any company that you will hire for this purpose, they will ask you for a webmaster account access.

After that, they will verify your website and they will tell you what are the errors on your website?

Analysis Checklist

  1. Keyword analysis

  2. The content length that answers the question

  3. Correct grammatical error

  4. Storytelling way - See engagement

  5. Title satisfaction - Describe title from all around

  6. Overall user trust - Reader review.


Search Engine Optimization that handles the data in SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). These pages are handle by the spider. It reads the collection of snippets then we get the right result from the Google search. So never try to play with a spider. Information is need for everyone so try not to give wrong data to Google through the website or even Google Map. Google changes its own ALGO to prevent wrong information in search. So think about it.


Search Engine Marketing is done with content marketing and via Google Ads. Content marketing is based on SEO work and done by an SEO guy.


Yoast is the plugin that is used on the WordPress blogging platform. Your SEO optimization is easy when you use Yoast. I have some checklist that you can perform in Yoast.

Moreover, Yoast is trusted in the market and also has won the faith of SEO leaders.


  1. Keyword optimization and analysis

  2. Tell Google exactly what your page is about through description

  3. No outdated content - Stay fresh in search

  4. Preview of your page

  5. Readability check

  6. Full control over your breadcrumbs - Category monitoring

  7. No duplicate content - Catching duplicate title

  8. Internal linking suggestions - How to link

Technical improvements

  1. Robots.txt

  2. .htaccess files

  3. Clean permalink URLs

  4. Sitemaps

Local SEO

It is based on the local server. The search engine fetches the data from the local server where the search engine found local results and then provide local results. To do local SEO put the name of the city and village to identify the matched query.

Never try to put wrong data on Google or any other search engine. Because there is no benefit for you, it is a time-wasting activity. You can do some management with hreflang tag for country-specific web pages.


Crawling in SEO is the analysis of web pages by the webmaster. Google search console does this based on the crawling budget. Crawling budget is the setting in the webmaster account which through we can set a daily limit of crawl on our server. 

You can not increase the crawling budget according to Google as said by Google employees. But in the old webmaster tool, there was an option where we can change its speed for the server.

Now the question is how for the server. When any website gets ranking and starts getting traffic then the server gets a request to crawl web pages that are dependent upon the bandwidth of the server.

Moreover, I have tested this setting but there is no change, I noticed on my blog because it is not in Google search.

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