Block Content Access For Search Engine

Blocking content access in Google and other search engines is not easy to understand who are beginners. Retrieving web pages on your site by the crawler is monitor through the robots.txt file.

Allow: /URL is used when you have one directory is blocked but you one of URL to access by search engine crawler.

But Blocking URL comes under the Disallow: /

Disallow: /search/label/SEO

In the above code label, SEO is blocked for indexing and crawling.

My robots.txt file

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google 

Disallow: User-agent: * 

Disallow: /search Allow: / 


Read more about robots.txt file with Google article.

You can block URL with NoIndex also. But the crawler will visit on URL and then understand the NoIndex. Finally, your URL will not come in search.

You can also say "NoSnippet" to search crawler and with this, you can block your content access in SERP.

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