Blogger URL Settings - How To Set?

We have Blogger URL settings, where Blogger has the option to create a capital URL and a Small URL in blogger Post. But for page URL you can not choose capital because there is no option to customize the URL.

Note: Google sees different capital and small URLs. I tested it on Blogger.

Small vs capital URLs

Small vs capital URLs. 404 error will come if you typed a small URL as capital.

Choose one type of URL otherwise, you need redirection under custom redirect. 

In the case of if you have previously different URLs then redirect to a new one. Moreover, the URLs are case sensitive.

I am using Capital URL for Post.

Blogger URL setting for the post

Blogger URL setting for the post

I am sharing the Page setting in blogger.

Blogger URL setting on Blogger page

Blogger URL setting on the Blogger page

It all depends upon your choice of how you want to use Post URL on Blogger. All websites are using the small URL but I chose the Capital URL. 
If there was any limitation on Capital URL then Blogger will not allow you to capitalization on the Custom URL. 
URL Validation in Search console

URL validation in search console

Moreover, if you changed your URL later after publishing post then you will face problems in search console. 

Example of my account I changed my mind after publishing a post about URLs. That creates a problem for a site to late index.

See webmaster coverage issue

Sitemap filter for URLs

Sitemap filter for URLs

Watch the data difference for all vs sitemap.

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