Failed Blog - Why It Happen?

Most of the blogs become dead due to wrong practice. If you don't want your personal blog to become a failed blog then make the strategy of good content writing.

How to write good content and blog?

  1. Make a good layout for blogs and content.

  2. Write only that post in which you have experience and knowledge.

  3. Focus on Title and description. But poor content can not boost with good title and description.

  4. Never make a lengthy URL. But you can use a descriptive URL. A descriptive URL can be the short tail URL. Keep a short URL as much as you can.

  5. Make your title descriptive and put the URL's words in the title. So that your URL can impress the traffic of Google and any other search engine. With this, your URL will become short and descriptive because you are reducing Url's length. Keep only your keyword in the URL.
Note: Never make a long URL with the long-tail keyword. But if you have never made 404 pages to fix them. A descriptive title is recommended.

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Popular posts from this blog

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