Google Algorithm Basic Answer

What searching algorithms do for search engines?

Google looks at the average time spent on the website. The website's layout is important nowadays. But the most important the accuracy of the content. So suggest you choose your interested topic and field.

What are the algorithms used by Google for SEO?

Read Google algorithms.

What is the SEO algorithm?

A special crawler that finds the accuracy of your web page according to SEO guidelines. SEO guidelines are nothing but a way of doing SEO in the right way.

How do search engine algorithms work?

Read My Whole Blog to understand everything about SEO basics.

What is the new update of the Google search engine algorithm?

Every Google update means to remain the quality of Google search and also do some improvements. So you don't need to worry if you are right. Just create your unique project and do polishing. After the completion of the project, submit your project in Google Search Console.

Don't do this

  • Sneaky redirects - Visiter see the different page than the search engine

  • Doorway pages - Multiple pages redirected to one-page.

  • Link schemes - Paid incoming and outgoing links

  • cloaking - Inserting keyword only for search engine, not for users, or showing HTML text to search engine while the user sees the image or flash.

  • Hidden text and links

  • Irrelevant keyword - Adding keywords that are unrelated to the post title.

Must do this

  • Internal linking

  • Backlinks only with trusted or quality websites or blogs.

  • Add your own words in the article and add your experience.

  • Link with official articles like Google articles.

  • Answer the user query.

  • Get one query by title and add subtitle in content.

  • Add possible keywords to the web page. Ignore if irrelevant even suggested by any SEO tool.

  • Create a web page for users not only for search engines.

  • Add only quality add ones and plugin.   
Note: Never make web pages with the wrong intent and respect the user's time and provide accurate information with your experience. Google will not penalize you.

How does SEO (search engine optimization) work?

Google crawler comes on the web page then sees the Title and Description and also Match descriptive URL. After this crawler matches the keywords with the web page's content. If found accurate with white hat SEO then Googlebot gives instruction for indexing.

What is the role of search engine optimization?

Giving the right instruction about the web page to the crawler.

What is SEO in search engine marketing?

It is the method to do content marketing. In other words, you can say this is the process to follow for SEO marketing.

What is the impact of SEO on Google ranking?

It gives a boost to your ranking but not granted with poor optimization.

What is the role of SEO in internet marketing?

It increases the online marketing scope.

What will SEO trends in the future?

Read online marketing trends.

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