Link Juice with Href Attribute

The href attribute of <a> Tag helps you create a link juice that you can say to it link hub for your web page or domain. You will get benefits if you do relevant linking to your web page.

Altogether it is the way to boost the value for your users and search engine as well. Your strong involvement in your internal and external linking will help your users to find accurate information. Because the user wants to explore all related information when they search for any particular query.

So do your effort from an SEO point of view.

Link juice possibility

Link juice possibility with hyperlinks that passes the value from one web page to another web page. With this step, you go one step ahead with your SEO. 

Never confuse with the other options in the question. These are not accurate but misguides sometimes.

Note: Never try to make pages that target only one page. Moreover, this is not used as a link hierarchy that you might be seen in a tree-like structure.

Keep your learning to gain success with knowledge.

Stay Happy 

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Popular posts from this blog

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