Mobile SEO With Canonical

Mobile SEO is not exactly the same as desktop SEO. You need to optimize your mobile SEO URL from an SEO point of view. For example, you have two versions of your website. Then you need to tell the crawler about it.

Two versions might have duplicate pages then you need to fix this with a canonical URL.

Quote From Google

"For example, if you have URLs for the same page (for example - and

Then Google chooses one as canonical. 

Note that the pages do not need to be absolutely identical; minor changes in sorting or filtering of list pages do not make the page unique (for example, sorting by price or filtering by item color)."

The canonical can be in a different domain than a duplicate.

Responsive design

If you have the same content to show on mobile and desktop then responsive design is helpful because you need not optimize SEO separately for a mobile version. 

But some websites want to show different URLs for mobile then they use rel canonical and rel alternate features.

Separate design

You need two steps to do to show a mobile version on the mobile and desktop version on the desktop.

  1. Add rel="alternate" pointing to the corresponding mobile URL on the desktop version.

  2. On the mobile version add rel="canonical" corresponding desktop URL to tell crawler it is the mobile page.

<!doctype html>
<link  rel="canonical" href=""/>

Do the same for rel-alternate. Don't forget to change the URL.

Note: You need to implement above both steps. 

Canonical tag as mobile and desktop version teller

Canonical tag identifier for mobile and desktop versions. This is important for telling the search engine to mobile and desktop versions. It is used in the head tag. It is not itself a tag but used with rel canonical and rel alternate

Canonical tag

Canonical Tag: In the image, you are instructed about the truth about the URL status. 

Only HTTP 200 status code can be used to rel canonical.

 Moreover, the canonical URL should be similar or identical that you can say in other words mobile version and desktop version.

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Popular posts from this blog

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