Public Post - Publishing Question For Blogging

You are writing the content and curious about how to make a public post. You might have publishing questions in your mind. So I am here to tell you about this.

When to publish the Post or whole blog?

First I am will talk about the Post. When your content is complete and you described the title of the post in an accurate manner then do some internal links where you think it is ok to add relevant posts. Then make sure the SEO content optimization. After that publish the post. 

Next is whole blog publishing.

Disable your search visibility while developing. Then make a post that I told you above. Moreover, internal links and inbound links are important for your blog.

After finalization, the blog or website enables search visibility. Never forget it otherwise your blog or website will not come in search.

Note: The website is where you have more features and more customization options like Facebook, Google, Yahoo. Blogs are where you only get learning material or learning stuff. 

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