14 Reason For Not Indexing in Google

Why your website is not on Google or might you are getting less ranking. I am giving you the reasons behind it.

1. Robots.txt File Exclusion

  1. Never add your URL after Disallow: /
  2. Same for the Directory that you want to show on Google.

2. NoIndex inclusion to content

  1. Never add noindex to content that you want to show on Google.
  2. NoIndex is helpful only where you want to crawl the URL but not to include in any search engine.
Note: Disallow: /URL ,Disallow: /Directory is not recommended for all website indexing.

3. Content freshness

  1. If your content too fresh for crawler it will take time to understand.
  2. Don't make any wrong changs due to this reason.

4. Backlinks

  1. If you don't have then try to get from trusted sites and relevant with your website.
  2. Don't get from poor sites that do not have values for their users.

5. Crawling

  1. Wait if Google search console is crawling your website and keep patience.
  2. Don't submit the site when it is under construction.

6. Poor user experience

  1. The content that does not meat the user's expectation has no value in search.
  2. Google notices the time spent on your website and then give you ranking.

7. Low speed

  1. Your website or blog takes time to load.
  2. Your server has less bandwidth.
  3. Your template has unwanted code that makes your site speed slow.

8. Cheap and bad Hosting

  1. If you get hosting from bad service provider then Google can not crawl efficiently. 
  2. You are running multiple on hosting that does not sport by your hosting plan.

9. Search visibility uncheck issue

  1. Your site is not visible to a search engine because you have not given permission to show.
  2. Enable the search visibility to solve this issue

10. Duplicate content

  1. If you have duplicate content on your website then your site will not be indexed by Google.
  2. To solve this issue you can remove the duplicate pages and can merge with other similar pages.
  3. You can consolidate duplicate URLs to overcome this issue.

11. Manual action and security issues

  1. If you have any manual action to take in your Google search console then clear the problem to overcome this issue.
  2. Take action on security issues found in your Google search console because of Google index only error-free sites from a security point of view.

12. Wrong practice with .htaccess file

  1. Check this file on your server and see if you have blocked crawlers like Googlebot.
  2. I suggest you, don't make changes to your .htaccess file until you know how it works and keeps the default file. 

13. Deindexed

  1. If you have wrong practice on your website then you will be deindexed from Google. Its reason is you have bad links or you are using black hat SEO.

14. Sitemap issue

  1. You have not made a sitemap file for your website then the website will not be indexed.
Moreover, now Google is stick with publishers. So do your effort, so that your website look unique.

Stay Happy 

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Popular posts from this blog

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