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SEO for a blog is the same for every blogging platform. So be familiar with one CMS like Blogger and WordPress. Never try to go another after leaving the current platform that you are using. Because you have experience with the current platform. Moreover, you are not restricted to use another one.

Blogger is easy. You need not code in the XML. But on another platform like WordPress, you need a plugin to do so. 

Multiple practices can be dangerous for your project. First of all, read everything about SEO then implement the only trusted codes in the head section of the HTML page. On Blogger, I did not do any kind of addition with a template from an SEO point of view.

You can use any blogging platform but make sure to use a responsive theme. So that you are not worried about the mobile theme in the future.

The webmaster is also the major point when you submit the site to the search engine via search console. Never submit your project to early. I tested it. Webmaster notices all mistakes while your development. 

So it takes time to run your site until all errors are not resolved. My blogger SEO post can help you.

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