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SEO writing assistant is the choice for every blogger but when you are doing the writing you might notice SEMrush assistant gives you a lot of keywords to add.

When I did writing I notice it and found not every keyword we need to add in the content. Most of the keywords are repeating again and again. So choose only those words that are relevant to the content.

You are advised to focus on the post title. Add subcategories to the post for your title. Also, watch the reputation of your "targeting word" with minimum use in content. Never try to mix multiple keywords with your content. 

Example: Sometimes people add multiple times What is SEO? that is wrong. You need to choose alternate words. Like LSI keywords. Moreover, some bloggers add unwanted keywords that are not related to the post like the SEO page has mobile features.

In the above example, I am just distinguishing the meaning for your sense that does not mean people use the same thing. It is just the idea that you are getting to do the right SEO with SEMrush Writing Assistant.

Read Become Successful SEO for more help.

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Popular posts from this blog

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