Zomby Vs 404 Pages

Everyone knows about 404 pages that are not found. But Zomby pages making confusion with it. They are the pages that have no sense for web page and SERP or search engine and need to remove.

SERP is a search engine result page.

If you delete multiple URLs from the website then they will become 404 pages. You will get notification about this URL in an Excluded section that you have these pages to fix.

If your website in search then do deletion for the Zomby page and also remove these pages from search with the help of removal tool for outdated content. That is available in the Google search console.

I know Google takes time to remove pages from the search engine. So the removal tool is helpful to do this task in a fast way.

Note: Don't delete Zomby pages if you have a good URL means short tail or long tail but keyword oriented. You need to update web page content write new good titles and subheadings and describe well it. never add anything that does not relate to the title. Moreover, try to never make Zomby pages. Its solution is first to think properly then decide then write the post.

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Popular posts from this blog

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